Full Frontal/Half Monty/Neither

As background, I completed a 12 week advanced road plan a few weeks ago. The last week of the plan I did the HM/FF week, but FF went completely wrong with the video freezing so I gave up, especially as MAP/FTP was basically unchanged.

After that I started a 4 week base block which I’m just coming to the end of, before starting the 12 week intermediate TT plan.

My question is whether I should do FF or HM before commencing the new 12 week plan, or just accept my current numbers and go into the plan?

The reason I’m thinking of a retest is whether a) I may have lost a little bit of fitness through the base block and need to adjust the numbers and b) if I should get FF up to date to make sure the plan is correct. My last few FF have me as an attacker with sustained weakness and I very much doubt that’s changed.

Any thoughts are welcome! Thank you.

Training is not testing, but testing is training. So, re-testing won’t hurt you. It’s up to you. If you think your numbers have changed then probably should. If you don’t think they’ve changed enough to be statistically significant then there’s no harm in doing a re-test, but going straight into a new plan with the same numbers would be fine too, and you can always re-test later if you find the workouts too easy.

Having the most up to date 4DP profile will allow the workouts to be suited to you most accurately and help your gains.