4DP results, then and now

Greetings everyone,

So I completed the Fitness Kickstarter program after I had an injury in August last year and now I have two 4DP results in to compare. The results are below.

I need to develop my climbing capabilities and bump up my FTP to keep up with the sustained efforts. I know that is not my gig but I would like to be a better all-around cyclist and avoid being dropped on uphills. I am thinking of making a 2-week transition and then do the Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo program.

Does it sound like a good plan? Or should I use another block in between? Increase the rest window a bit longer?

Other relevant data:

  • 34yo
  • At 79kg (target 75kg)
  • Amount of weekly hours available 6-8
  • Training for: One 100km event, a 3-day event and two bike trips, all of that COVID-allowing ofc. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any thoughts are welcome!

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Hi there. I envy your NM numbers, however like you said, your MAP and FTP could use some improvement.

It would be interesting to know how far out in the future your events are planned. If you only have time for one 12-week cycle then it would make sense to pick the one that is most closely related to your objectives/events.

If you have time for 2 cycles, then I would do an All-Purpose plan first and then a specialized plan right before your main event.

So basically, you need to count backwards from your event to determine how many weeks you’ll have available to follow a training plan.