7min Workout?

My query is about the 7min Mobility / Strength workouts. I find the exercises skip through so quickly that you have time for a handful of reps or holding a stretch position for mere seconds.

Are these workouts intended to be followed as per the timing or are the exercises to be extended by pausing the videos or carried out in your own time once learned??

I struggle to see how I’ll make gains with the pacing of these videos.

Hi I found that too with the earlier/beginner videos and wondered the same. I just stopped the videos mainly to get the correct positions at first. As you move on you are given more time to do the actual workout for each move but for me they often still move a tad fast so you can always stop them and do a few more reps if you want. Some for me like to more difficult “plank” moves are well long enough on their own. Just manipulate them as you want as like everyone some will be a piece of cake and move on too quickly and on some you will be crying out for the time to end quicker…


In fact, the commentary on the Mobility video does encourage you to pause the video to take more time, or get more reps.

If they would only fix the video player, so that rewinding did not cause it to speed up the playback, it would be easier to recheck your position and movements.


I’ve only tried the very first couple of videos and was put off a little by the pacing. Ideally I don’t really want to keep having to pause and restart the player to get the benefit from the positions!

It’s good to hear this improves in more advanced videos, perhaps I need to skip on to the longer offerings!

I think the Mobility videos are intended to be relatively short. They’re focused on getting some amount of movement is a specific body area, and don’t necessarily need a lot of reps to get the desired outcome. I have been adding one of these after my regular morning yoga session, so I get ~20 minutes of movement to start the day.

I agree that for the first couple of times, you may need to pause to be able to understand the movement. Having done each one a few times, I’ve found that I now know the movements, so I can just let the video run at its normal pace.

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I’ve just started pausing the video when you get to a big hitter, like Bulgarian Split Squats, then using weighted dumbells like at the gym (e.g. 3 sets of 8 reps).

I figure this gives better overall warmup and mobility.

Helps to write down how much you lift, too, so you know you’re still progressing.

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I don’t think there are Bulgarian Split Squats (or other similar strength-focused exercises) in any of the 7 minute Mobility workouts that @KeepYourPowderTri was referring to in the original post. From memory, there are a couple of short squat exercises, and some planks.

I totally agree with pausing one of the strength videos if there’s a particular exercise you want to do more of.

Pausing and extending a particular exercise is also fine for the shorter Mobility workouts, but I feel like there’s also good value in doing them as they are.

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