How Best to Use Strength and Mobility Plans

I want to add in core strength exercises to my routine so I fire up the app, go to strength & mobility, and add in the Core Focus group to my calendar. All geared up to go, I get 5 minutes into a video and I’m reminded why the first 3 or 4 attempts to do this didn’t work. The videos are more or less guide to what exercises I can do and not really a routine. Pausing the video to finish up a routine ruins the flow in my opinion. In contract, the yoga video’s are great because you can just start it and follow along through a routine. I’m looking for advice on what I’m missing or how others use the strength & mobility exercises.

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I have found that the lower level core/strength exercises do move through pretty quickly and you barely get any time to perform them before the video moves on. I think that is the general idea at first just to get you into the exercise routine. Once you move to the higher levels then the routine/exercise time for each exercise gets longer therefore making actually seem like you have done a workout. The higher level dynamic strength one is particularly demanding. Plus of course as you say you can pause the video to allow you more time to perform them correctly too

That is an issue to me too. Laying on the ground some exercises are timed to allow only a couple of reps (bad timing for me) and getting up to pause the video end get back in position and then getting up again to unpause for the next exercise isnt the way to do a workout :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Yes I agree, it all does seem to be a bit rushed for some reason. I use my android phone and cast it to my TV using Chromecast and then for the floor bits I have my phone on the floor so i can pause it quickly.

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I agree with all of these comments.

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In the beginning it is not about the number of reps, but the quality of movement. Remember where you start the journey is not where you will end up. Begin at the beginning, start by doing the movement best you can, and trust that with time and practice not only will you improve your quality of movement, but you will also increase the number of repetitions. Believe in the process.