Could we have a tiny little bit more Bulgarian prep time?

I always struggle to grab the chair in time for Bulgarian squats. When I have myself settled to do the first proper rep on the left side, time is always up already, and I’m told to switch sides. There is just not enough time between the previous exercise and the Bulgarian squat. The same goes for the following exercise.
Of course, you could always pause and rewind the video, but this just ain’t comfortable to me because I’m talking about some additional seconds, not half a minute or so. If I had only three to five seconds more to get settled before starting Bulgarian squats that would be fine. And one to two seconds more when switching sides would perfectly suit me.
So could you please consider lengthening the pauses before and after Bulgarian squats?


I have exactly the same issue.

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I know it may not be helpful in your situation, but when I hear “you’ll need a chair…” I pause and set the chair up.

I always seem to run out of time getting on the floor for bridges and then off the floor for bent leg tip at the hip or other standing exercise.

This is another issue I can confirm. But the Bulgarian is the bigger issue.

And of course you can always use the pause option but I would like to avoid that, if possible. And if I’m not the only one having this exact issue, then maybe Grunter will have mercy …

I get not wanting to pause during the workout. I meant in the introduction, the narration tells you that “you’ll need a chair and two bottles”. That’s where I pause and get the chair.

I know from the workout description that I will need a chair and two bottles. No problem so far. I have the chair in grabbing distance then and the two bottles. Anyway, I still need to put the chair in the right place when the Bulgarians come their way. Otherwise, the chair would stand in the way for any other exercises.

I usually just don’t do them. lol. Or I do my own modified version.

I’ll make a note of this and see if we can make some adjustments, or at least keep it in mind for new/future workouts.


Very much appreciated! Thank you.