Core focus 1 speed

I have tried the Core Focus 1 workout there seems to be very little time to do each section. Am I supposed to be pausing it? Many times the narrator just finishes the directions and it’s on to the next thing.

You could pause it, and that would be fine. There’s no harm in that.

I generally just leave it running. Future sessions will use many of the same moves, you will gradually start to pick it up and be able to do them all from the start

The first video in the series usually has brief sections. It’s more about learning then move and the correct posture/technique. If you need to pause to do this then that’s fine. What they don’t want is someone overdoing the exercises and getting injured by doing them too long. The duration will build through the series.

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You can pause to learn the moves. It is VERY important you do so as later videos will expand on them and get longer. Perfect form is way more important at this point than the duration as well.


I find some workouts really would need more time. You only have time to do a couole of reps. Yoga videos are worse on time because most times you spend half of the time just to get in the correct position.

Pausing its not a solution. Laying on the mat and constantly going up do the PC to pause and unpause will brake the continuity of the workout.

After you’ve done a video a couple times, you learn the poses and time isn’t a problem.

IMHO, it seems right to gear the workouts to people who have done them a few times. I imagine that’s the vast majority of views. For people learning the moves (like I did some time ago), you have to pre-watch, rewind and just fake it—but it doesn’t take long to sort it out.

Well, kinda. I thought I’d learned the poses. Then I went to a class at my local studio and the instructor spent a lot of time correcting me. He was nice about it, though: “I’m gonna guess you do a lot of yoga videos, right? You’re 75% of the way there; let’s get you the rest of the way.”


That makes sense. Maybe I should sign up for a class and get some corrections.