A few workout player suggestions

Allow the graph on the workout player to show power and heart rate simultaneously.

Have a setting to further reduce the size of the boxes and HR, Power, Cadence text. 1/2 of the current smallest size would be good, still easily seen, and obscure less of the screen.

Most workouts show time for a block that includes a number of intervals. Show time for each interval, not just blocks of intervals.

The command “Stand” pops up without warning, sometimes accompanied by a single audible ding. It’s also at the top of the screen where I’m often not concentrating my attention. Add some kind of alert 3-5 seconds beforehand.

I suggested these 2 years ago and a year ago. Here they are again.


Second all of these. As I’ve also brought up a few times before, the iPad version does not support multitasking, so it is not possible to watch a large-scale video while playing the SYSTM workout in a separate window, hence the only option for NoVids is the blank screen.

An alternative (though less preferable) workaround would be enabling full-screen workout targets (or at least a very large setting) to display on an iPhone or mobile device, as currently the largest setting is still quite difficult to see and follow if using while playing a video on a second device.

I’m not familiar with using an iPad for System, but does in not support the Systm Miniplayer, which overlays the workout metrics and graph on top of the whatever else is on the screen? On my PC, I use that for novids but also to watch something other than workout vids I’ve seen enough times. For some, (e.g. Inspiration), once is enough.

No, unfortunately it doesn’t support the mini-player or multitasking on iPad :confused:

The only option for SYSTM on iPad is the default full screen view…