Using Systm with I Phone

I bought my wife a Wahoo Kickr Snap for Christmas. Does anyone use Sufferfest or any of the Systm workouts with an I Phone? I use a laptop and it seems the screen on an I Phone would be too small.

I usually do the strength and yoga workouts on my iPhone (just because it’s the most suitable at those times).


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I’ve used an iPhone for open workouts or when I want to use my computer or iPad to watch a movie during the workout. That worked well. If you like watching the videos, a phone is pretty small.

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I started off on the Sufferfest with an iPod video with a 2” screen. SYSTM works fine on my iPhone SE(gen 1) with the small screen. I used to do my workouts with it mounted to my stem in a waterproof case, now I plug the phone into a spare TV with a lightning-HDMI adapter to get the videos on big screen or you could cast to an appleTV?

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Since I’ve upgraded to a JetBlack and having my old laptop die on me. I’ve exclusively been using SYSTM with my iPhone. Yes the screen is a bit little, but it works. I’m a bit more focused on the workout itself than watching the video. Sometimes I will switch the video sound off and have SoundCloud running in the background for music instead.


Also for yoga, strength, and MTP videos on-the-go.

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I use iPhone screen mirrored through Apple TV to a big monitor with a sound bar. Works a treat.

Oh I don’t download anything, just stream and it’s faultless for me.

I’m the same. Run it on my iPhone and mirror to my Apple TV. Works great mostly but I do find that it tends to clip the edges of the screen a little which is annoying but definitely better than running on a pure iPhone screen

I use the iPhone. I do not have a portable device.It is plenty enough to understand and control a workout. The vids are not so immersive due to the small screen size, also I cannot read any text. What may be fine to read while sitting in a chair, does not make it easy to read while riding