SYSTM iPad not showing graph on Half Monty


I’ve just started the trial for SYSTM. Coming from previously using TrainerRoad with a fluid trainer and then smart trainer (although the Kurt Kinetic wasn’t that smart…) and before that a simple Tacx magnetic trainer with Sufferfest videos back when you could buy them.

I’m having an issue with Half Monty. It’s a ramp test, but doesn’t show the graph on the iPad SYSTM app, so basically I’ve got no real idea of what’s going on. Coupled to that, it isn’t controlling my Tacx Neo 2T, so it’s basically just acting like a big screen bike computer… I’m new here, so I’m assuming there some setup I may have missed?

I’ve had a frustrating morning trying to get it to work and given up. I was pretty psyched to try SYSTM and throw myself into it. Now I’m thinking I should probably re-up my TR annual sub.

Why do I need to create a different account to log in to the forum? I logged in to my account at, but it doesn’t recognise the same email and password here. Is that normal?

Doesn’t show graph on the MacOS app either, in any bike workout.

Not sure this is for me. The words in Half Monty are talking about seeing a big block of yellow steps - great, except they aren’t displayed.

Here’s the screenshot from the iPad. Doesn’t seem to control the Tacx Neo 2T, although it does sometimes when there’s a power target above the power field. There was no power target for the steps, so I guess this is not working properly. Another thirty minutes wasted trying to get it to work, and about ready to delete the app.

Just done a new install of the app, no devices connected, but just checking the half monty, and still no graph displayed. I’m ready to throw in the towel and cancel my trial; I’ve seen enough.

Seems odd. Have you checked the display settings? Both that it’s set to display power with target and that cropping above the graph is off?

The support is excellent to help sort out any issues you have, although I appreciate that’s frustrating when you just want to get going.

Thanks for the reply - I think being UTC+8 probably blunts the response times a bit.

Yes, I tried those options. Shifting between power with target, and cadence/hr takes away the thin grey line, and on cadence there were two red columns appearing from the bottom - I suspect the columns are off the bottom of the screen.

Still no control of the Neo during the steps, even though the smart trainer control icon is green.

@Dan_Carr That experience sounds frustrating. Delete and reinstall is probably a solution. Have you reached out to support? Also does you iPad have the latest iOS?

I have Kickr so am not familiar with Tacx but I know that others have used those trainers with SYSTM.

Definitely reach out to support. I know it’s frustrating but it will be worth it to properly try SYSTM. It’s not a complaint that I’ve seen on the forum so might be a specific issue to your set up that I’m sure they can help resolve and get you on your way.

Hey @Dan_Carr, is it possible that in your Athlete Profile there are no numbers set there for an estimated NM, AC, FTP and MAP. You’ll see that in the settings tab when the workout is open or in the athlete profile when you are not in the workout player:

see pics:

when in workout:

When in main app:

Edit: I’m almost willing to bet this is the case cuz I can replicate your lack of graphs when I edit my numbers to 0.
Edit 2: you’ll need some numbers in there and you can edit them in/from the Athlete Profile. From settings in a workout all you can do is adjust the intensity from the numbers that are taken from the profile for that particular workout


As for that question, I’ve been around too long to even remember setting up my account in the forums :stuck_out_tongue: . But, it does make sense since the forums are completely public (no subscription required) and SYSTM/RGT are subs but i dunno. As with any new system (pun kinda intended), there’ll be a bit of a learning curve but you’ll find the forum is an incredibly helpful and very respectful community (though we do like to have a bit of fun and can be exceptionally silly). You’ll also find, that putting in a support ticket directly is usually met with a quick, thoughtful and helpful response.

Curious to hear how you make out.

Hi Glen,

Have touched base with support, but being out of sync with them by 13 hours makes it quite slow playing email ping pong.

Appreciate your responses here - always good to get support from the subject matter experts! Really appreciate it.

I’ll try to put in some figures from my Garmin data to see if that helps. As a new user, I expected to be able to the Half Monty from scratch, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe it’s my misunderstanding of the differences between FF and HF tests? I understood HM could be run in ERG like a traditional ramp test, whilst the FF would be more like a traditional self paced 20 min FTP test where you don’t want to be limited by ERG/previous efforts? I have power profile from ride data so can populate - but that does seem to be a bit of an oversight if new users aren’t guided to populate the power data, or don’t have it from other training platforms to bring in?

Glen, Alistair, Jon - appreciate the support guys.


Hi @Dan_Carr,

I think the app normally puts in default values for FTP, MAP etc. if you’re a new user. From memory, FTP starts at 150 W.

As @Glen.Coutts says, and I can confirm, manually adjusting my FTP and MAP numbers to zero in my Athlete Profile (accessed via the top-left icon on the app screen) removes the power profile from within HM.

If you’re still not having any luck, can you post a screenshot of your Athlete Profile?

I thought new users were given a baseline set of data prior to testing which I why I thought it was odd that you had no graph at all. The only way I could replicate was to essentially cancel my own profile numbers.

Hang in with us @Dan_Carr, a rocky start to be sure but once you get the hang of the app, and some of the nuances of connecting it all up it’s imho an unbeatable value. Full disclosure: I don’t work for the company just a fan of the science and the app and the community.

I honestly cannot imagine training with Trainer Road. I need to be mentally engaged with what I am doing and SYSTM with the Sufferfest vids, the On Location stuff, the A Week With Series and an ever increasing number of Pro Rides does exactly that. Not to mention the strength and mobility series, the yoga (for people like me who HATE yoga) in 15 minutes chunks. The recent acquisition of RGT also means I can do sim rides without paying for Zwift.

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Also, the numbers you put in don’t have to be exact. As long as you get five steps into the ramp (which you can do in ERG mode), and don’t complete all the steps, it will be able to work out your MAP. In other words, you are expected to (and need to) fail somewhere after five minutes into the ramp.

The FTP part (20 minute sub-threshold) is done in level mode where you’re aiming for a HR range the app gives you after the ramp.

My guess is that the forum and the app are using different authentication systems. The forum is (maybe) hosted external to Wahoo, so uses it’s own user database. Even though it’s not good security practice, I use the same email and password for both SYSTM and the forum, but I did have to create the forum account separately.

@way9e0 Correct - Discourse is the vendor.

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Hi - thanks for the info @way9e0 and @Glen.Coutts.

I’ve populated my profile with data I have from other platforms and now have the yellow steps! All looking good and keen to get stuck in today. For some reason I had no standard new user profile in there, just zeros.

@Glen.Coutts - I absolutely loved the Sufferfest videos and still have a library of them that I bought back in the day. I really want this trial to work out positively as I think SYSTM will be the best platform for me for all the reasons you say. I’ve enjoyed TrainerRoad, but adding the videos, the multisport and yoga (which I don’t do, but know I should do more flexibility work as I get older…#agingsucks).

Thank you to everyone here for helping with troubleshooting - really appreciate the support.


Nice. Thanks for checking back in. Glad it got sorted.

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Great to hear! Happy Half Montying!

Feel free to ask any other questions that you have. Quite a few of us were also around in the video download days. All of that is still there, plus a whole lot more. I’d highly recommend checking out at least one of the Pro Rides, and one of the On Locations to get a feel for what’s been added. And then there’s yoga, strength, mobility, and mental training on top of all the riding!