Can i overlay data onto another app?

Is there any way to overlay the stats in- ride to another app. I presume there isn’t? I can split screen on my phone/ ipad but was wondering if there was anything I’m missing, as it would be lovely to watch the Book of Boba Fett whilst keeping an eye on cadence!


Yes, you can. There’s a icon that pops up at the top of the screen when you tap on the right side of the screen. It looks like a Polaroid pic. Click on it and the background vid goes away leaving the graph and data bar across the screen. You can drag that bar wherever you want on the screen. It’s also semi transparent. You can turn off the workout audio in the workout settings that pops up.

Hi @Saddlesaur and thank you very much for the reply. I must be missing something as i can’t bring up the icon you mention… all that happens when i touch the screen is i can pause the workout or go into the settings?


Is this actually possible on an iPad or iPhone?

I’ve only found it possible on my Win10 installation.

Oops. Missed that. IDK. I’m not an iGuy.

Welcome @Dan_Cleary !

There is information here about how to use the mini-player mode in SYSTM:

It only works in the desktop version of the app (Windows, MacOS).

The miniplayer works for windows and macos only. It’s not an available option (at least has never been) for iOS or Android. Presumably due at least in part to the smaller screen real estate?

Thanks everyone for the friendly and helpful replies!

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My solution is to run SYSTM in my phone and to turn off video and sound to reduce distractions. Then I run my movie or whatever on my iPad.