A "Wolf in 'Goat's' Clothing"!

(I know I’m reaching my post quota but I’m a Knight, so there!)Just back from Gavarnie and so satisfied…no beer however? What an amazing session! The scenery is breathtaking as you start off a series of slow cadence sub threshold efforts (it’s worth the ride just to see @michael.cotty try to ride 50rpm!!) and you think this is a piece of cake. After the 4th interval however you start to feel it in the quads and you realize that again @Coach.Neal.H is in the background pulling the levers! Then the pace picks up and I actually felt like I was trying to hold Sir Mike’s wheel…wait a minute. Did he just flick his elbow? He wants me to pull through?? I’m not worthy (of course I am. I’m Ron Burgundy! I’m kind of a big deal!) What a great immersive workout! Well done Systm! Now if I can just get to Pays Toy…



Not very chivalrous…



Yep, there are going to be lot of beers owed!


I had the opportunity to do this ride for real during a 2017 cycling vacation in the Pyrenees. I finally made the effort to relive the experience with this On Location workout. It’s every bit as wonderful as I remember, but I’m surprised that Michael made no mention that Gavarnie is not, or at least doesn’t have to be, the end of the ride. There is also a “proper climb” (i.e., with switchbacks and a significantly greater average grade than the 4.5% mentioned) that starts at Gavarnie and ends at a beautiful lookout viewing the Spanish border.



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