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Returning from a tour of the Pyrenees with Mike and wanting to re-live the experience with friends? You’ve found the spot to tear open that homemade energy bar and chat about all things related to On Location content.

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So far Only had the chance to do cirque de gavarnie really like the format with the Crotty narrative and scenery. Not an issue but the bike rider looks false and super imposed?

Did Lac de Cap de Long this morning. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: Looking forward to more of these!


now also donw Luberon and Lac de Cap de Long. Brilliant, highly motivating and has me chomping at the bit thinking about getting to the mountains next summer and why I do the groundwork over the winter with the other sessions.

Just thinking that just like A Week With wouldn’t it be good to open the On Location rides to other people as well so that now all rides are with Mike in France/Italy I wouldn’t mind seeing other rides in North America, Australia, Norway/Denmark I’m sure you’d have riders willing to do some of their local rides.


I’ve done Cirque du Litor and Cirque de Gavarnie this week as my introduction to the ‘on location’ category.

It feels like you’re on a ride with your overpowered mate: a good wheel to hang onto, but how the :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: does he manage to keep chatting whilst riding up that hill? :wink:

I find these a very good alternative to the noisy, hard work, all out sufferfest sessions without being too relaxed.

More of this please. Like @Shaned1972 said, I’d love to see rides elsewhere in the world too.

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Cirque de Gavarnie for lunch, nice challanging workout, spot on and not too hard. Awesome scenery and as described above, feels a bit like riding with an overpowered buddy :-).
More please!

I have been enjoying the On Location videos but am a bit puzzled: I seem to have written that there are 9 instead of the 8 shown. It seems there was a “Route des Cretes” that was 52 minutes/49TSS. I am missing something? Could be with my mental state, considering all the insane GCN workouts I have been doing lately. :laughing: