We’ll formally launch tomorrow, but since you’re our favourite we’re letting you know right now. Open up SYSTM, go to the On Location section and you’ll find that the irrepressible @michael.cotty has just dropped four new rides around Catalunya for you to ride.

And these are - we think - Mike’s finest work to date. He’ll take you through the lanes and hills around Girona. Along the Costa Brava and up into the mountains on the way to Coll de la Crueta.

Along the way, as he says, he’ll show you - among other things - Gaudí’s old house, a clever micro-brewery, some incredible coffee roasters and lingering looks at scenery that will make your draw drop. You’ll swear you were in these places for the weekend, rather than the hour or so you spend on the ride.

They’re all coupled with fantastic workouts from our Sports Science team (in particular Mac Cassin and Neal Henderson, with efforts that you’ll certainly notice, but that don’t ever push you too far (we’ll save The Sufferfest sessions for those).

So – what are you waiting for? Get moving and see you in Catalunya!


Fantastic! I love Mike’s On Location series, and with a few rainy days forecast in Montreal, I’ll gladly do a few of these new sessions soon.

Thanks Mike, David and Wahoo!

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Curiosity question. If you load and ride these from Magic Roads, do they count toward the badge?

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Thank you Sir David, I love the On Location rides.

I may save these until the weather turns poor and do “A Week with Mike”. Topping it up with a bit of G.O.A.T., TGTTOS and GAWI.

I hope the local tourist board sponsors you on this by the way. I’ve booked a trip to Avignon mainly because of Mike’s On Location material in the Provence


No, you have to do them in SYSTM in order to receive the badge.

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If you’ve enjoyed On Location up to this point, you are going to love these!


Couldn’t you put the ride on Systm calendar, do the ride on RGT and then mark the ride complete on Systm if you want the badge?

@dmgadry61 Good question! I don’t think so but they probably should and perhaps will as the integration of RGT evolves.

@Critmark Just marking complete won’t work but you can run them together in a dual record mode. However you will end up having two records on your calendar.

@JSampson I got a response from @Cody.Moore that the ride must be done in SYSTM to count toward the badge.

I’m sorry, 'dual record mode"???

Kind of embarrassing, but I have done all the previous “On Location” rides and never listened to the commentary. I always just played my own music.

Today, I listened to Mike Cotty and really enjoyed the his commentary and encouragement.


Loved riding Girona today. Brought back lots of memories. Great work team, really super quality. One observation on windows 10 i noticed a consistent synchronisation issue with Mike saying increase or decrease cadence compared to the countdown timer for efforts

@Critmark Meaning running both apps concurrently but only letting one control the trainer and the other just records the workout. I have some this in the past with the NoVid workouts where I do the SYSTM workout but also ride in RGT so I have a visual.

SO behind on my On Location badges! I can’t keep up w you @michael.cotty !




…best get these done because there are more coming. :slight_smile:


Sorry about that! We’ve fixed it up and it’s working fine now.


Many thanks for sorting. Girona is special. Last time I was there was with the current Guinness World record holder for fastest blind ironman after IM Barcelona. We had a blast and Mike really captures the relaxed special feel of the city


Anybody said profoundly grateful yet?