Ability to Copy or Print Workout Text

I just started using a SYSTM training plan for the first time. The experience is pretty good overall, but I’ve run into an annoying setting on days with swim workouts.

I’d like the ability to either…

  • Copy the workout text from SYSTM to a Word doc that I can print out.
  • Be able to click print in Chrome/Safari and have the entire workout visible on what’s printed.

Right now, SYSTM actively blocks me from being able to select text. And if I try to print, SYSTM is not built for that and I only get a printout of just what’s on the screen rather than the entire workout.

I see the message on these workouts that says “Please write this swimming workout down and follow it poolside.” I didn’t quite realize I should take that literally, though! My handwriting leaves a lot to be desired. I’d really prefer the ability to select text not be disabled so I can print it out instead.


screen capture then print?

Agreed! Moved to feature requests. I think someone else may have also requested this but I’d 100% support it too.

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Yep, here it is

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