Workout list for training plans


Quick question, is there a pdf/doc/link that shows what workouts are involved in each training plan ?

I’ve seen the one that shows what each workout targets IE cadence, strength etc…
But I’m looking more for a list of the workouts in each plan,

my issue is work life frequently gets in the way of a plan so I need to move things about in the calendar, which is fine if it’s only one or two things over a couple of days but more than that and I start to lose track of the correct sequence/ rest days

So a list would be super helpful to keeping things on track,

Cheers all

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Not atm.

Cheers Glen

Short answer for a quick question :grin:

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Lol. I’ve heard there is some work being done on improving the ability to scope out plans ahead of time but not sure if this particular thing is in the pipeline. It gets complicated when a lot of plans have 3 different volume levels with options to include varying levels of strength training and yoga. That, and the additions of new workouts makes the task difficult to say the least.

Actually while we’re on this topic @David.McQuillen.KoS pretty please can the Ian Boswell 200mile gravel plan be brought back into SYSTM. It is different to the 200mile gravel grinder plan and much better suited to what I’m currently training and I need the higher volume…please!!!


I think all that is needed is the ability to get a pdf of the plan from the Plan Preview. Right now, you’d need a series of screen shots. That would allow @WFBR to keep track of changes. There might be fancier ways, but that shouldn’t be too hard.

One thing I’ve found is when someone says that shouldn’t be too hard, it often is, lol. You’d be talking about creating a LOT of PDFs.

I’m sure a more elegant solution is in the works but one other thing that could work in this particular case is to implement the plan twice. Once for the date needed and one further into the future so the full unmodified plan could be referenced at any point.

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You can view the calendar from a web browser and print out each month.

I’ll have a look at this on a PC as if you look on the phone it will show the whole month and what dates the plan covers but not the individual workouts/rest days etc… which is what I’m looking for.

Edit… had a look see on the PC and it does show you for the whole month the individual workouts, so helpful if not ideal.…

I can of course take note at the start of a plan the full plan using the preview, which is a hassle when it’s 2/3 weeks long and just not practical when it’s one of the longer plans

I was trying to follow your advice but it didn’t work for me.
I tired your link but it opened old SUF web app. The problem with SUF calendar is that does not show workouts scheduled manually. Pure plan only. I tired SYSTM app too but I failed to create meaningful printouts. Windows 10, Firefox: no calendar, background only. Chrome: a few workouts stretched to fit the page.

Any hints (other than screenshot printouts)?

Sorry, that’s all I’ve got.

The SYSTM app on PC/Mac will show manually entered workouts but again it’s a whole calendar month view you get, just tried it out of curiosity

SYSTM yes, will show manual entries. I was referring to SUF, which is still available.

Isn’t SUF being closed down shortly ? So no real point in interacting with it any more

The main Sufferfest app never allowed you to schedule your own workouts. You could only either add one of the existing plans, or ride workout directly from the library. You could never manually add workouts to your calendar.

But since they are in effect completely different apps and ecosystems they don’t fully connect to each other, so you can’t see all the SYSTM videos or calendar items (especially the manually added ones) in the SUF app or on the SUF calendar.

SUF app was mentioned by me in the context of printing out calendar page (month) for two reasons only.

  1. It didn’t work in SYSTM web app.
  2. The link provided by @Sir_Brian_M opened the old SUF web app for me, despite its quoted name.

The old SUF app is superior to SYSTM in some areas (not for long hopefully) so it was worth trying.