Training plan summary

I’ve just finished my now-yearly ritual of adding the GG200 plan to my calendar to start after the Tour. Every year, I wish for the same thing: a simple printout of a plan overview, with a list of each week’s planned workouts and the weekly volume

Can I write it all down myself? Sure. Maybe that would even be fun while I anticipate the start of the program. But it would be even more fun to receive one in an automated email and print it out. Would that be very hard to provide?


I can see where printing it out could be useful , but first I’d be happy to see more relevant info displayed in the calendar. IF and TSS for each workout, plan week (e.g. week 7 of 12), indicate easy weeks (2:1, 3:1), allow notes to be added to the calendar… A printout with that info would be even more useful.


I do not have SYSTM running so I am just asking…

if the information you want is available on a PC screen and if so can you use the print screen functionality to either print to pdf or directly to a printer?

If on a phone or tablet Im sure there are scren capture abilities there as well.