Bug in Systm display of outdoor workout details

I thought I’d seen a Systm Bug Report thread but can’t find it now. Apologies if there is one…

A small bug report. When looking at an outdoor workout I have coming up in my plan this weekend, it looks like this in the old app:

but this in Systm:

It’s a little hard to follow when it’s displayed as prose…

The issue looks to be there with other outdoor workouts, too. Is there a chance you can make the formatting a little easier on the eye?


Noticed similar with at least one of the swimming workouts.

Personally I thought even in the old app they often weren’t the clearest to see what’s required at first glance - sets and reps etc merging together as one block - hopefully someone can take the opportunity to tidy up the text/formatting/layout to make these more readable (thanks in advance).

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Unfortunately this is an issue caused by using a plan applied in SUF with SYSTM. The non-app activities in SUF (running/swimming/outdoor cycling) cannot be updated/edited. All plans in SYSTM have properly formatted descriptions. Almost all of those SUF non-app sessions now exist in the SYSTM library, so you should be able to find the some workout as planned and use that. The only difference might be a difference in Extra volume.

And the interval breakdown in the workout description

Again this is only an issue for plans selected in SUF and used in SYSTM. This issue does not impact plans applied from the SYSTM Plan Stepper.


Thanks @Coach.Mac.C , understood. It’s not a big issue, more just something I thought worth highlighting. It looks like you’re aware and it will disappear with time. Cool.

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