🚀🚀🚀 NEW CONTENT: On Location - Mediterranean Coast 🚀🚀🚀

Maybe you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and the days are getting shorter and darker. Maybe you’re in the North, and it’s still a bit wet and chilly. Regardless of where you are, wouldn’t you just love - right now - to go riding along the warm and sunny Mediterranean Coast with a charming guide like @michael.cotty ?

SYSTM is here for you and will take you there. We’ve just released FOUR new adventures in our On Location channel. These rides will have you tackling mountains, riding along the sea, eating, drinking, hitting tourist hot spots and more. You’ll even learn how to play Pétanque and make a bit of perfume while you’re at it. Of course, it’s all wrapped up alongside some solid workouts that push you, but never too hard.

Personally, and it really is tough to pick, but I think my favorite is Côte Vermille. The scenery is epic and I just love the workout. The Nice to Menton one is also really interesting - partly because a bunch of it is in Nice itself, so you’ve got houses and traffic and a very urban feel, but then it opens up to this incredible countryside and views. And the workout is super solid as well. And how freaking good is Mike Cotty!?

If you don’t see them, just log-out and then back in to the app and they should be there.


These look amazing!


All four look great, nice profiles and durations - thanks!! Love the On Location series for when my legs are screaming for a break from the Sufferfest library.


Thanks @David.McQuillen.KoS, that’s fantastic!
I’m going to exchange these for workouts in my current plan.

I just love these rides with @michael.cotty - it feels social without the effort of socialising (can you guess I’m an introvert?)


It’s hard to pick a personal favourite out of this new series, but if I had to I think it would be Vermille. Just stunning scenery and a great workout combine to deliver the goods. A perfect On Location experience.


Awesome stuff! Have done 2 so far . Now the Cotty question is Nice and med coast up to Ventoux or Pyrenees this summer ?

Just rode Route des Cretes, was a fun ride that wasn’t too painful after yesterday’s Half Monty. I wasn’t supposed to ride today but that’s another story!

Only problem was filming the ride directly into the sun which made the glare pretty bad. It made me not want to look at the screen and found myself wishing it was filmed at a different time of day or with a different camera lens.

The aerial views were beautiful :heart_eyes:, and I now know about soap and boule ball. As usual, Cotty keeps things entertaining and makes the climbs look so easy, although it does as appear he came close to a crash near the end of the video.


We certainly learned from that one.


These look gorgeous! I’ll be sure to ride one on Saturday when it’s pouring rain and cold. Again.


Fantastic stuff again guys.

Looking forward to riding these.


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I watched two episodes of David Arthur’s “Just Ride Bikes” on YouTube and he rides in the South of France with Sir Mike! One of these is up the Madone…Riding Madone with Mike Cotty - The Most Famous Climb In The World? - YouTube


So pleased to see new @michael.cotty videos. Have loved the On Location videos so far. Perfect for days when IF>0.85 will crush you and IF<0.70 leaves you unsatisfied. Or when you just want to see some amazing scenery!!
Weekend training now being jigged around to do a couple of these!


Funny, I was just talking to Mike about those!

Ok, maybe this is a dumb question so forgive me. Med Coast: Route des Cretes is listed for workout type - Activation. What exactly does that mean and when/how should I use this workout?

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Our brains were obviously not activated when we configured that one. It should be an Endurance workout and we’ve sorted that out now. Sorry about that!


I did Nice to Menton this morning - and it’s another great route, nice scenery and a good workout (I’ll admit I wasn’t quite so keen when I was in that 14min block in the middle, of course :slight_smile: )

A couple of minor things, though:

  • there’s something wrong with the sound mix at the beginning, the music is way too loud and you can hardly hear @michael.cotty talking

  • I think the video is running about 10-15 sec ahead of the workout - on more than one occasion Mike would say something along the lines of “we’re going to take it up a notch now” and we’d have already increased the effort. Likewise at the end of one of the blocks you can see the road clearly peak and start to head downhill, but about 15s after the block ended.

And finally: please pay @michael.cotty more. The poor lad clearly can’t afford to eat :frowning:


Did you have any problems with the workout?

I did this workout in ERG mode on Sunday, and whenever there was a -3% gradient the Kickr Bike suddenly demanded an extreme power surge. I had to ride those sections (not any of the other downhills) in Level mode.

I didn’t notice anything weird about the power (also in ERG mode), just that it was a few seconds out of synch. I’m using a Kickr Core, so negative gradients aren’t a thing.

I did Route des Cretes last night without any issue at all, and it was noticeable how Mike’s commentary matches up to the surges you get in the trainer.


Sorry about that. Should be fixed now!

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