Accessibility for all

Not sure this is a feature request per se but: as a follow up to a blind tandem rider who posed a question about the availability of voiceover, or screenreader accessibility options in RGT here:

…I’d like to formally request that the principles of universal design be implemented for the apps themselves as they are developed going forward as well as for the content within the apps currently to the greatest extent possible. As someone with good hearing and decent vision, the lack of accessibility features doesn’t impact me directly but for a company like Wahoo who is making an effort to be more broadly inclusive, it would be nice to see efforts being made toward that end for people with disabilities.

I know there have been requests for subtitled text versions of the DS for example in the Pro-Rides (that would benefit the Deaf and hard of hearing) as well as for the On Location rides or some of the pre-OL rides like GAWI, TWO, and TGTTOS. Same for the Yoga and Strength/Mobility stuff. Similarly, given the text heavy SUF rides and no-vid workouts, a voiceover option or screenreading capacity would benefit anyone with impaired vision to navigate the app and participate in the experience to the greatest extent possible.