Audio narration of cards in workouts

Instead of relying on reading the text cards that pop up in different workouts, like FF and Half Monty, it would be great to have a TTS enable option in settings to have the system TTS read it off. Wahoo Fitness already has this feature for reading off data points, and it makes it much easier to obtain that info from the cards than trying to read the screen. This is also a universal design element that would have a positive impact on anyone from individuals who just missed the card due to sweat in their eyes to those of us with a visual impairment who do not use vision to use SYSTM.



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There are text cards? Not on my stem there aren’t.



:fire::fire::fire: bravo

With your permission, I’d like to use this as an example of bias in design for a seminar I facilitate. It shows how good people who are trying to do the right thing (i.e. the dev team) probably never thought to include this feature, and how legions of sighted users never picked up on the omission. It also shows the value of cultivating an engaged user base and giving that base a place to provide informal feedback.



Go for it. I will give the Dev team credit related to trying to make accessibility improvements and actually have a pretty good concept where they need to go. I will also recognize that it is not an easy task to get it right, even if placed as the top priority, which is where universal design elements have a bigger bang for the buck/time. Little disclosure, I am blind and have been using SYSTM/Sufferfest for about 10mo, and find it pretty useable.