Add extra workout to the exisiting plan

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I have a (cycling) training plan selected and I would like to add some extra workouts for the weekend rides to the plan. so just to explain further to keep the full plan as it is recommended but during the weekend I would like to increase the ride time for endurance purposes.
I cannot find a way to pre-add individually workouts for future weekend workouts.

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Don’t think this is possible. From looking at the forum this is functionality that is under development

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Hi Lusci,

We do recommend doing the plans as they are. The Sport Science team spends a lot of time to make sure the intensities are optimal here divided between your work and recovery weeks to make sure you see the best results and outcomes from each plan.

There isn’t an option in the app to add workouts to your plan but if you are riding outdoors you can go the extra mile or so if you really feel the need to but please make sure you are spending enough time recovering so your body can recover and reap the maximum benefits from your training without it becoming detrimental to your body.