Workout timing in plans

Is there a reason on the general road plan every hard workout is in a two day block on the weekend, with only light recovery in the week?

Makes it much harder to really have an effective workout on the Sunday Vs splitting the time up?

If the logic is that the Sunday is endurance, blender at 100 percent followed by the way out is somewhat above z2…

Hey Joseph,
Great to hear you are following one of our plans! The reason why the harder workouts are on the weekends are when this is when the majority of people have more time to train.
Depending on which level you have chosen, the plan is in 2:1 or 3:1 work to rest weeks to allow time for building on your strengths and then recovery weeks for your body to adapt and take it easy.
Happy training and keep up the hard work!

Thanks rupert.

Can I ask a followup? If I wanted to add volume to one of the advanced road plans (they seem to have the most volume of all of the plans in hrs/week) - what would you advise?

Tacking on 30-60mins endurance at the end of each easier ride? I feel like there’s enough intensity, just nowhere near enough volume for me - I’d love to ride closer to 10hrs a week and these plans max out at about 7-8.

I believe there are a few advanced plans (Time trial, Hilly GF, FUll Century…) that have between 8-11 hrs in the work weeks. But of course, I understand that those plans do not necessarily meet your requirements in other areas.

My approach to getting more volume would be either by doing longer warm-ups, or extend the cool-down periods. The easier rides I would keep as is to allow sufficient recovery.

However, there could be better approaches, great if Rupert shares his (more qualified) view on your problem.

Hey @JosephH, I would tread carefully when adding extra volume as although there may be less time than you are used to in these plans, the intensity is high and taxing on your body.
However, if you do wish to add volume, i would recommend taking videos from our Inspiration category which are lower intensity and reduce the risk of you over training and fatiguing your body. If you were to do this, I would say only do it for 1 ride per week.


Thanks for the reply. I have a good history of work over a few years. I’ll pop an inspiration or open 30 onto one of the weekend rides.

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