Plans with weekend outdoor rides?

Still trying to work my way around the new app, very much enjoyed a couple of ad-hoc On Location workouts and a couple of old favourites. But, I really want to put together a training plan, which I am struggling with. On SUF you could do all purpose road, specifying weekends to be outdoors. This is my preferred option, with indoor training added when the weather is poor.

This option doesn’t seem to be available under the new app, unless I am missaing something? It always defaults to adding video workouts to the weekends under all purpose road for me.

Oh, and small nit-pick. If I choose a plan to start on a Monday, I want a work-out on the Monday. Not a rest day. I get why, but it is still annoying as my set in stone trainer days are Monday and Wednesday. And all the plans put workouts on Tuesday and Thursday.


@Chico The new plans make the weekend indoor or outdoor at the option of the rider. If you ride outdoors you can check off that the workout was completed. As an example, I scheduled a 2 hour ride for last Sunday and added the “Endurance 2” workout to the calendar and then checked it off as done.

DC Rainmaker comments on planned improvements to the outside rides functionality in his review - see below:

“As noted earlier, there’s no outside rides today. There are outside runs, yes, but no outside equivalents to any of the workouts. Given it’s designed to be a comprehensive training platform, Wahoo says they understand the need/desire to eventually ride a bike outside. By the end of the year you’ll start to see outside rides within the app (so basically, structured workouts designed for outside).

But those won’t sync to your bike computer yet. That’ll come by spring 2022 (northern hemisphere). Wahoo says that won’t be limited to the Wahoo bike computers, though it might be limited functionality on other units. For example on a Wahoo unit you’ll get 4DP zones, but they said that likely won’t happen on other hardware platforms.”

DC Rainmaker Review of SYSTM