Add seperate workouts in calendar

The title says it all. Is there a way to plan seperate workouts in advance?

Kind of a weird situation, but I started a training plan with beginner yoga, but after a few videos I found that I should’ve selected ‘intermediate’. So I reselected the training plan with the same end date and ‘intermediate’ yoga, but there’s a workout I’ve changed between days that is no longer on the calendar (i switched 2 workouts to fit my schedule, but one is already passed and the other is for tomorrow).

Can I ‘plan’ the workout for tomorrow by adding it to the calendar or do I have to select the workout seperately tomorrow? I could, of course, but if it happens again in the future, or I want to add some extra yoga for example, it seems like a pain to keep a different calendar to not forget to do the session instead of just adding some seperate workouts to the calendar directly in the app.


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I have had a similar situation. You would have to add your moved workout on that day that you do it. The calendar flexibility may change once the new SUF version comes out next year but for now that is how it works. I used to move around workouts as well but now I often just skip them if I didn’t get to them that day. I realized that all stress (work, life, training) is cumulative. If I have a tough day at work, sometimes it is best to just acknowledge that the workout isn’t happening but I am going to get back to it the next day.

As for changing from beginner to intermediate, I have also had that experience. If you are not too far into the plan you can just delete your current plan and then reselect the plan with the right level of yoga but you will be repeating some of your activity.

Good luck!

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That’s what I did, I deleted the plan and got the new one with the proper yoga level. Problem is that the workout I changed around also got deleted and now tomorrow it’s making me repeat the workout I changed with (I changed tuesday and saturday). Oh well, not a big deal for now. But it would be nice to have some flexibility in the calendar so we can customise the plan a bit. Now I need to do that in a different training calendar, which is a hassle.

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Agreed - I know it is on their list and I look forward to more calendar flexibility as well.


Do you have a premium TrainingPeaks account? All the individual SUF workouts (Cycle, Run, yoga and mental) are available there to manually add/delete and change around to suit your needs.

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Ahh, so you have to use TP to schedule workouts on the SUF calendar? You can’t do it on the app itself.

That seems a bit… impractical.

No. You can use the TP calendar to schedule SUF workouts on the TP calendar.

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Can you launch them directly from TP?
I have an account I’ve never used but this could be helpful.

Also, can you sync the SUF calendar with TP?

No. You can drag and drop the wo details to your TP calendar. If your SUF and TP accounts are synced then once you have completed the SUF wo using the SUF app the TP calendar entry will then update to reflect wo details and the resulting data is used within TP as part of your fitness tracking.

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No you can’t - only the results sync from SUF to TP.

The SUF wo’s as currently described in the TP calendar do not include the wo profile which kinda sucks. But having ridden them so many times you get to know them intimately anyway.

I wish the suf calendar had the w/o profile in the app…

To jump off this…

Any chance that users will be able to schedule workouts to show up on their calendar? I.e. if I’m self-programming or want to plan a week myself ahead of time, can I schedule workouts on certain days in lieu of being on a plan etc?

Hoping this feature is in development. It would be great!

Have a read here. Stuff is coming, it’s gonna be awesome. We suffer in the mean time and in the end, this is why we’re here aren’t we :slight_smile:

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I have a question similar to this subject. The workout Relaxing To Recover recommends that it be done every week. Is there a way to schedule it to repeat every week, i.e, every Monday? Thanks in advance for your help.

Any movement on this? I would love to be able to manually add activities like an unsanctioned outdoor ride to the calendar so that my weekly miles are accurate


Would love to be able to add individual workouts to my calendar or to create a custom plan (series of SUF-designed workouts)

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