Edit a training plan while in progress

I think it would be very useful to have a feature where an already scheduled training plan could be modified while in progress to do any or all of the following:

  • Remove/Add Yoga
  • Remove/Add Strength
  • Shift all scheduled workouts after a specific date by a given number of days or weeks

This would allow for handling things like:

  • Wanting to ride in the Tour of Suf/Wahooligan Tour
  • Wanting to go for a badge without having to change the plan
  • Planned or unplanned time away from home
  • Dealing with an upper body injury, like a broken elbow

Currently, I have to remove the plan from the calendar and add it back at a later date, starting over.



Agree with your points though. Shifting a whole plan currently requires you to delete and re-add it as does wanting to add or remove yoga/strenght (it works but isn’t very slick).


Hmmm that is an ace suggestion actually. At the moment I just delete the yoga on the days I can’t but a whole sale deletion is a neat idea.

On the “starting over” bit, i usually reapply the plan after an event like the Tour with a desired end date for a week later than it originally ended so I can sort of pick up from where I left off. Or maybe 2 weeks later, because The Tour usually needs a rest week afterwards. It depends on what the forst week post tour looks like in my plan I guess.

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yeah I think this might be nice - also because removing or adding or re-scheduling multiple workouts from/to the calendar is rather tedious. the flow is far from optimal - being able to batch move dates could help

You can batch move…kinda. During a plan, you can delete it, and all completed workouts will remain and all future will be deleted off your calendar. Then you can add that plan again (or some other plan with or without yoga, strength, etc.) with whatever previous or future start or end date you want. When that new plan is added, only workouts that will occur in the future are added to your calendar. Workouts in that plan that would have occurred in the past are not added to your calendar.

I sometimes do this when I want to add an additional recovery day or two into a plan. If I’m adding two days of recovery, I’ll delete the existing plan and add it back in starting or ending two days later than the original plan. That effectively shifts the rest of the plan out two days.

Yep you can do that, and that’s been discussed further up, but the idea is to avoid having to do that and just be able to adjust an end-date (amongst other things)


I currently have been just moving workouts out of my two rest days…Not ideal but then again neither is an indoor plan that sets back to back 3.5 hours indoor endurance rides!!! I’ve not been impressed by the lack of alteration available so I’m going back to Xert and Zwift once this sequence is complete!

What plan are you in that has 7 hours of indoor training? Unless by back to back you mean 3.5 hours one day and the same the next.

If it’s that, then it sounds like you’ve got a high volume plan or a plan with the end goal
event being a longer ride like a fondo or century. And, if that’s the case then it sounds reasonable to me.

Esport event plan!!! On less than 10 hours a week!!!

Yeh so that looks like the high volume plan where it’s.not unusual to see Sat and Sun rides of 3+hours each. If the e-races you’re doing aren’t gonna be that long just delete the high volume and go with moderate or low volume.

Most plans assume you’re working during the week so give you more volume on weekends.

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Just a chip but I can’t do planks, pushups or downward dogs right now. Luckily, I can ride aero for those long threshold drills…

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You can batch move…kinda

I’ll have to try this. Still, far too many steps. Should be simpler.

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