Workout calendar manipulation tools

It would be nice to be able to shift your remaining plan to the right by a day or a number of days. Helps with vacations or people that may need a little more time for recovery.

For that matter, it would be nice to have other tools to add in known vacations/trips away from the bike beforehand.

The plans just seem very static and monolithic now without much flexibility - unless I am missing how to do this. Thank you.

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I agree that it would be useful to be able to shift the entire training plan forwards or backwards in time. I recently did this manually, moving every single workout back by three days to allow myself more time to recover, and it was rather time consuming!

Or to be able to edit it period.
Our options now are to simply add or delete plans.

That’s pretty depressing…

@avsfan2003 It is possible to move workouts - just click on the workout and at the top where there are the three dots and click Change Workout Date. If you need to move the whole calendar because you were sick or traveling and missed a few days, you can delete the plan and then add it back but do so by selecting your end date - rather than start date. The calendar will be populated with the workouts that you have not yet done and it won’t populate workouts from days that have already passed.


It would be really good to see better links with strava and zwift (dare I say). There are some days when I ride outside rather than do a long ride. If I have a no vid ride, I tend to map it into zwift to make it more interesting

It would be great to see these rides on the suf calander. I feel like the calender is judging me for not completing. If only I could show it that I did something else instead

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@Paulc7770 The calendar is just a tool and you always have the option of substituting an outdoor ride or doing a dual recording with another platform when it makes sense. Many others use an additional app like Training Peaks or Strava to consolidate indoor and outdoor activities and perhaps get some additional metrics on overall load as well.