Power display

Hi all

Is the power on screen on non erg mode instant or averaged over 3 sec or 5 sec etc ?



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depends on a few things. Eg. I have a Kickr and there are settings in the Wahoo Fitness app that will smooth (some say smother) the power so it is averaged and results in a smooth graph while riding and post workout. But, SYSTM also has a power smoothing option that will do the same. If both are off, then the reported power and the graphs will show instant power.

I’m not sure what the result would be for other smart trainers but if there is no smoothing setting on yours, AND, you make sure that smoothing is OFF in SYSTM, then your display will be instant.


Even if you’re using a standard powermeter with no or little smoothing of it’s own you can turn off app based smoothing: pretty sure if you click the gear icon during a workout and then “settings” tab it’s in the list. Not sure how long it is over. Think the default is on.

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