Add outside riding days to training plan

So I’m on a training plan and a friend asked if I wanted to go for a ride tomorrow, it’s during the week and we both have the time tomorrow. I’m on a novice TT plan and due to ride Defender tomorrow. The outside ride would consist of rolling hills and about 30 miles, easy pace. Should I do both or skip Defender?

Little background. I’m mid 60s and this is my first structured cycling training. I started the TT and added Yoga, Strength, and Mental. I couldn’t add all 3 of the extras on the general cycling plan so I chose TT because I usually ride solo and challenge myself on speed, segments etc. My numbers were Couchlandrian, and my goals are to improve those numbers and maybe enter some TT or CX, finish, and not be last. :slight_smile: I put in about 1200 road miles in July-Sept so volume is ok for me, just need to pick up the pace a lot.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Defender is a tough workout. Personally I would skip it if I was also doing an outdoor ride. When I started SUF a few months ago I always tried to get the workout done even if it meant rescheduling. Now I realize that whether it is work, family or just going for a ride with a friend, it is okay to just skip and not over extend yourself.