Substituting indoor with outdoor

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Quick question, I have a Full indoor plan (all-purpouse road) but sometimes I do train outdoors and so skip that indoor training. Is this a bad thing to skip that training? should I arrange the agenda in order to be free for that extra training (which will make me exausted) or can I simply “substitute” that training? I do not have a power meter it is difficult to follow the same plan on the road, but I definetly ride with intensity.
anyone can suggest a tip? or share experience on this matter?

Hello and welcome to the forum! Yes, you can substitute the occasional indoor planned session for an outdoor ride. As you stated, trying to do both will leave you exhausted and in a deficit. It might be helpful to take a look at the below articles which address your question in length. It is always good for the mind and body to get out and enjoy some fresh air!

thank you very much for your fast response and very helpful advices. super happy.

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Just to add, the indoor/outdoor plans usually have a no-vid indoor alternative to the outdoor weekend rides. The no-vid options are absolute gems as they contain some really useful training information.

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