Adding lifting

Looking to add 2 sessions per week of heavier weight-based training (deadlifts, squats) and wondering how to incorporate these into a plan without negatively affecting bike workouts. Any suggestions?

Good plan. I try to incorporate weights into my strength training with SUFF/SYS as well. My only two cents is if you’re looking towards squats and deadlifts, you will DEFINITELY impact your bike workouts, and vice versa. I keep the weight work more to my upper body, as otherwise my legs are just constantly smoked, and that just can’t be a good thing.

Just FWIW.

Howabout you incorporate strength into your SYSTM Plan, but instead of doing the prescribed strength sessions, you do your own. That way, it will fall in the right place during the week. Just watch that not every strength session is a leg workout (some are upper body or core).

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You might find this podcast answers some of your questions. It is longer than 10 minutes though.

Hey @Joanna_01 ,
Here’s how I responded to that question posed by @djones632 on Sept 20:
Sep 20
Hey @djones632
Thanks for reaching out. Both my wife, Stephanie and I enjoy 2x/wk full body sessions incorporated into our training plans. Here are the answers to your questions:

It’s really easy to integrate your sessions into your training plan.
Yes, just replace SUF strength with your plan spaced similarly.
It is best to combine with NM workouts/drills
On days with strength and NM workouts/drills just follow the plan recommendations as if you were doing SUF Strength. For example the cadence drill workouts should all be done after strength. Standing starts, before strength (usually back to back). If you do something like Torque Monster, GOAT, or NoVid Big Gear Work either before or after is ok but you may need to space it out rather than back to back. Don’t sweat it though if you need to have a longer break between any of the workouts due to travel to/from gym or just plain fatigue.
And make sure you deload you weight training during rest weeks and take a full rest day each/most weeks. If you’d like to dial in even more, like what strength exercises to combine, reps and sets, just schedule a coaching chat with me. I’m happy to help!