Adding workout to calendar should not take you to the calendar

This bugs me about the workflow of scheduling workouts. I usually sit once a week and pick workouts for the next week. It bugs me like crazy that after adding a workout to the calendar, I get taken to the calendar. To select the next workout I then have to go back to the Library, re-apply the filters I had, select the next workout and then do it all again. I do not need or want to go to the calendar after adding a workout, I want to continue going through my filtered list to add additional workouts.

I would also love to be able to see in a workout when I last did it and to be able to search by last ridden. That was there in the old app and I miss it. Right now I have to use two devices, one to search back through the calendar and another to then select workouts on, which is dumb.


Yeah, that scheduling workouts workflow bugs the Fluffy out of me too! So many clicks to get back to where you were. Others have said the same and others are OK with how it works. Likely something on the continuous development list.

The second part is coming, they just haven’t said exactly when.


This drives me nuts as well for a modern app. I actually did a count recently and I think I had to perform 11 (I’ll have to re-test that might be one out) actions to put the next yoga session in to the next day (which ironically is the same as the one the next day, and so on).

Time To Suffer could use some improvements, but I know there’s loads being developed, and it’s just time to develop this stuff.

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If I was adding a new feature around this, I might consider a button or two at that point in the process - one for do you want to added another workout (pick cycling, yoga etc) and one to allow repeated adds of the same workout daily/weekly etc

But then that’s just me and my usual nonsense.

Wahoo - want more coding resource ?

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+1 & +1


I agree with the sentiment of the thread, but you can use the back button on your mouse a couple times to go back to the search filters/categories that you were using previously. Most parts of the app also have back/forward buttons at the top left, but the calendar does not. But it should!

This does not work from the calendar to get back to the filtered list of workouts.

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Have you tried it in the web app?

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I’m using the native Mac OS app. I wasn’t aware that there is also a web app version.

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I really hadn’t realised that I could use Yes, there it works well to simply navigate back from the calendar. Not a perfect solution but it works for now - thanks!


I’m on MacOS too and while you can’t use the web app to actually download, stream or do the workouts, you can use it for everything else and, with the “back” feature, the web app is better than the app app for planning, using the calendar, scheduling workouts and otherwise noodling around. My hope is that they can make the app app work the same way :crossed_fingers:

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This may not be an issue for those using the built-in plans, but for us self-coached athletes I’d love a more efficient way to build out my week. Instead of taking you to the calendar page, may I suggest simply showing a “Workout added!” dialog box that auto-fades away after 1 second, or animating the day on the calendar widget that pops up… etc.