Did a plan workout a day late. Not green

I couldn’t do a scheduled plan workout yesterday and had none scheduled for today so I just clicked on yesterday’s workout and did it today. It went fine, but when I was done, the bar on the top of the workout in the calendar didn’t turn green. I’m guessing a green bar signifies a completed workout that’s in the plan. It’s probably NBD, but just wondering if there’s and upshot. I also see now that a workout can be rescheduled. Perhaps I should should have rescheduled it rather than just do it. Does that make any difference in the 4DP scheme of things?

I think the workouts will only turn green when you complete them on the day that they are scheduled.

Not really. You want to be a little bit careful that you’re not messing up the intent of the plan, but doing this sort of thing occasionally is fine.


Yeah. I figured there is a physiological effect of doing it, but what I’m asking is does the plan’s calculations get messed up if I just do the workout a day later instead of first rescheduling and then doing it a day later. I presume in the latter case the bar at the top would turn green. I hasn’t in the former case.

I don’t think there is much calculation going on in the plan after you’ve created it. As far as I know, there is no adjustment of any future targets or workouts based on completion/incompletion of workouts - the targets only change when you either do one of the tests or change them manually.

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As sir way9e0 said I don’t think the plan adapts in real time to completion rate.

The two ways divergence from the plan could effect you are:

  1. affecting a mid-plan test such that you’re training at the wrong intensity.
  2. If the plan is phased with FTP workouts in the early weeks increasingly moving to AC at the end. (Cue somebody with a better spreadsheet)

As long as you are not throwing things away for weeks at a time, you are sleeping well and you are pushing yourself in workouts. Then roll with the punches and enjoy the (good) pain.


I guess that means that the bar at the top of completed workout turning green, or not, has no consequential significance.

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That’s my understanding. The green bar looks nice, and gives you a good sense of how well you are sticking the scheduled plan, but whether you completed the workout as scheduled doesn’t impact any of your future workout targets.