Adjusting workout intensity

I was wondering if we could adjust the settings of the training by modifying individual metrics of the 4DP not in percentage but real value.


Yes you can. If you go into the settings tab in the app and tap on the arrow beside your 4DP you can select custom numbers. It looks a little different on the desktop version but it’s basically the same thing. Here is a snap of it in iOS


Thanks for your answer and if I understand it will change the settings for all workout, not just the current one?

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I understand what you mean and end up doing the maths in my head as to what 1% equates to. Even more useful to me would be the ability to change interval durations, including breaks between intervals. This would be hard in workouts with videos but I can see it in no-vid workouts. I often find the difference between completing an interval or not is only a few seconds or a tiny bit longer recovery.

Correct. If you change the individual metrics in the settings section it will be applied to all workouts. That is, unless you’ve added a training plan where some of the workouts are at reduced intensity. If that is the case, you’ll see that in the coach’s notes and it will indicate the percentage reduced, but they’d be reduced from the settings you’ve changed, not the 4DP results. Hope this makes sense.

you are totally spot on. I love the FTP progression workout.
For instance I did lately the 5X7 because I really push.
Before doing the 5X8, I would like to do again the 5X7 with just 1 or 2 more Watts.
In my case there is no video

That has given me another idea: if they adjust the in ride controls: they could allow you to increase or decrease the number of intervals, so for instance you could do an extra interval if you are on a good day. I agree about the granularity of full % changes. They are too big. I would like to make smaller changes than 1% sometimes, atleast near FTP. A small change can make the difference between sustainable and not there. How would you feel if they allowed 0.1% intervals instead of 1.0%?

yes for sure, having the option to be more granular will be awesome, changing number of set or fine adjusting metrics will be great!!!

Just my 2 cents but FWIW, I think the current ability to adjust by 1% at a time while riding is more than sufficient. I just did a sample test on Attacker and a move down by 1% at a time is 2-3 watts on an FTP interval and 2-4 on a MAP interval. I personally wouldn’t want to go any more granular than that. Also, by reducing by 1% at a time, you can see your target reduce so you really shouldn’t have to do any mental math while riding.

I also prefer to see percentage reductions vs wattage number reductions because then I know how much I reduced (erm…I mean increased, I’d NEVER decrease intensity :wink: ) any workout or interval within a workout. So for Defender, for example, a workout I loathe (due to my short attention span and sustained effort weakness) I might do the first interval at 100, then 95, 90, 95 etc.

As for the capacity to add or subtract an interval. I’m also fine with either pausing the workout and rewinding to do an extra, or taking a break and skipping one. When I was doing the GG200 plan, I would do that for the long AF endurance+ rides that exceed the length of the current No-Vid offerings.

All this being said, I do all my ride workouts via desktop where the keyboard shortcuts allow for quick access to these changes or pauses. Not sure how easy it is to do in iOS