Adjusting settings, what happens next session

If you adjust settings, one or all 4 of the percentages during a workout… what happens the next workout in the series… are the settings jumping back to where the suggested 12 week program was set, or do I manually have to dial things back in… what if I do not remember (if manual)… any way to reset to the suggested settings based on 4DP test 12 week program, how do I know or verify? Thanks

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Hey - and welcome !!

Any adjustment made during a workout are temporary only for that workout. That doesn’t change your overall workout settings.

If you ever manually change your main profile workout settings in the app - which is different to change going then during a workout using the sliders - you can of course manually reset them back anytime you want. It’s usually best leaving those alone, but there are times when you might need to. And say you do do that - your profile tells you what your last 4DP numbers were so you can easily reset them - or you can even find the previous 4DP test in your activities and spread the button to set your numbers again.

So many ways to deal with it but the main thing is - using the sliders (just one or all four metrics) during a workout is just temporary for that workout.


As stated above, if you just use the up/down arrows to adjust settings, it’s only for that particular workout and does not change your 4DP for any other workout etc

Well, I did the Blender today, comparing to the Blender I did last Saturday the settings are different. I adjusted Settings in the Workout, reasoning that it was better to adjust the settings than to give up :-)… Sunday’s workout I need to adjust again… oops… Today’s workout was not the same intensity… I assume it should have been…
My profile 4DP setting had not changed… Today’s IF was .75, last week’s it was .83 and my average Watt was higher then too of course…
So as far as I can see, I did change Setting in the Workout to get through it, and it changed all settings from then on… ???
Thanks for you help.

If it’s on a plan then it may have had the numbers reduced by the coaches - if you look at the calendar you should see a little clipboard icon in the bottom right corner if they have made adjustments or have given you notes to follow.

You are absolutely correct… and after the facts… doing my double whammy Sunday training workout… good it was a bit easier on Saturday!!