KoS scaling question?

I’m planning a KoS attempt in December. I did my 4DP for the effort this week. I plan to do the KoS at 70-80% of my normal values. I want to manually update my 4DP when I start do I don’t have to do math in my head. I’m assuming this is a simple matter of multiplying the values by 0.7 or 0.8. Is there anything non-linear I have to account for?

I don’t think there’s anything non-linear in there. Your suggestion should work.

If you reduce the intensity in the workout rather than at 4DP, you can decide to keep the recovery sections at your regular level - that’s the only difference.


When you first bring up a given workout, go to ”Settings.” You’ll see a simple “Ride Intensity” interface that’ll let you select your chosen percentage. No math required.

I might be misunderstanding but if I’m reading this right @Zapcat you want to update the 4DP values in your Athlete Profile before you start your quest and then again as the quest progresses. Is this right?

If so, I think you might be better served by reducing:adjusting intensity of each video as you go. You can start the video and do this before you hit play. Really easy and straightforward on Desktop. You can do this from the gear icon then settings or you can use the keyboard up/down arrows (1% at a time) to whatever percentage that feels right on the fly during your workout.

In iOS or Android it’s just the gear icon but again you can change it for each vid.

If not, is there a reason you’d want to manually update the 4DP each time instead?

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Great question, I was wondering the same thing. Now seeing the answers, while that seems easy enough, it raises two follow-up questions for me.

  1. How do you determine what intensity to ride as you progress. I have seen this referenced elsewhere and it seems to be highly individualized.

  2. Do you ride these in ERG after the adjustment or Level mode?

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What is the typical intensity riders do the KoS rides? Considering I just did A Very Dark Place last nigh and had my heart rate at 190 and felt like death, I have to imagine socal ng would have to be significant😊

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You’ll get lots of answers to this question but bear in mind that many of the workouts have been adjusted (down) so what somebody used before is even less relevant to what might work for you. Just saying, cue 70-80% comments…

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I think you’ll find most have done it in the 70-75% range. But ymmv. Like any long endurance event it’s best not to burn all your matches at the start.

Edit: as per Sir @JamesT cue :wink:

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This is an endurance event. If you’ve done long rides before you’ll likely have a sense of what you can manage over the estimated 10ish hours. You’ll have to determine that yourself but if you go out too hot, you may crash in a flaming ball of pain suckers before you reach the oh so critical 7th vid (ie the halfway point).

You could stay in level the whole time or bounce between ERG and level on the fly. I’m pretty sure I stayed in ERG for most, if not all, of mine and by the end was probably adjusting the intensity like a yoyo. In hindsight, switching to Level mode at that point would have been a smarter decision (not many times I’d be accused of that tho )

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I don’t really have the ability to do this. I run off a laptop that is several feet away, connected to a 42" flat screen. To make any changes I need to stop riding and dismount. It was suggested in another post that I could get a laptop capable remote, but I have not yet explored that.

I am still several months away from attempting to storm the castle, but if nothing has changed, I may just ride in Level Mode.

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TOTALLY Understood. Without ready access to my keyboard I’d 14/10 recommend Level mode.



Level mode or erg mode are mostly personal preferences. I think I did all on erg except The Trick.

I’d also recommend leaving your 4DP numbers alone because generally you’ll likely want to ride your later workouts at a lower intensity. And you don’t want to be locked in at 70% and making it harder to determine what 80% of 70% is when you get to you 5th video and decide you need to lower it more.

I have a small wireless keyboard that I can put by my bike and press the up and down arrows to increase or decrease intensity quickly while in erg mode. And a Bluetooth mouse so I can switch my workouts or whatever I need to fix without having to get up and walk over to my pc.

Pretty much everyone who starts at 80% ends up around 60%. And pretty much everyone who starts at 75% or 70% also end up at 60%. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So definitely expect to drop the intensity as you go on.

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If you’re nowhere near your laptop so you can’t adjust on the fly, then just stick with level all the way.

You don’t want to fail because your preset intensity is actually too hard, causes you a death spiral on your trainer and forces you to stop.

You also don’t want to set to low that you don’t suffer and aren’t proud of yourself.

So tweak the 4dp numbers of it helps you track the workout profile better, but think carefully about then trying to maintain that rigidly for 10hrs.

Me, I varied 15-20% over the 10hrs


Great advice. I rode The Omnium at #7, and it nearly broke me. Had I not been able to escape to level mode, I’d have ground to a halt.

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If you have your phone within easy reach, you might want to consider using a remote control app which pairs with your laptop. That way, you can get mouse or keyboard inputs for your laptop from your phone.

I currently use “Unified Remote” with my Android and Windows.

Good luck!


Seconding this, I also used to use that as a remote control. And if you need something temporary to put it (and your food etc) on while doing your Knighthood ride I can recommend an ironing board. Mentioning that because when somebody suggested the same to me my first reaction was “great idea, why didn’t I think of that”!


+1 for the ironing board. Full size of course - a lot of space is needed for those carbs!

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+1 for the ironing board.

I used an ironing board after reading the suggestion somewhere on this forum. It’s good to stack carbs indeed, but also a spare bottle (at some point I dropped one mid workout), tissues (the wife doesn’t appreciate snot-rockets in the living room) and a small bin for wrappers, banana-peels and used tissues.


… and when the workout is boring, you can iron something :crazy_face: