Advice For Newbie

Hello fellow Sufferers!
(new here…is that a proper way to address the group?)

I am brand new to Sufferfest and looking to try my hand at the Tour.
I completed the Half Monty on a spin bike (Bowflex C6) with and FTP of 211.
I just got a Kickr Core and will be riding my Trek Crockett 5 on that for the the tour.

Should I redo the Half Monty on the new trainer pre-tour?

I have chosen the “Get Me Through It” option. Is that the right choice for a beginner with a passion for destroying himself in the name of fitness gains?


EDIT: Please note I didn’t ask if I am crazy for attempting the tour as my first foray into Sufferfest. I recognize my insanity and I am embracing it!


Generally speaking, when you change gear related to power reporting you should redo at least Half Monty (ideally Full Frontal to get the full 4DP profile).

The difference in devices can be so large that workouts become either impossible or couchlandrian.


Yeah i say the best bet is to 4DP as soon as you can and rest before the tour.

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I recommend doing Half Monty over Full Frontal. As you have changed your riding setup, it will be beneficial to get an updated FTP and MAP before the Tour.
Happy Suffering :slight_smile:


  • Half Monty is the easy one. It’s perfect for riders who have little to no testing experience or riders who are mid-training plan and want to check how their fitness is progressing. Just keep in mind that Half Monty gives you your FTP, MAP and LTHR. It does not give you accurate AC or NM numbers, nor can it calculate your Rider Type, Strengths, Weaknesses or adjust training plans to your particular profile.

  • Full Frontal is the comprehensive one. It’s ideal for experienced riders who have done fitness testing before and those who are about to start or who have just finished training plan. Full Frontal is also for you if you want the full deal: FTP, MAP, AC, NM, Rider Type, Strengths, Weaknesses and personalized training plans.


Welcome to Sufferlandria @JimAllison it is always awesome to see fresh bones that will be subject to GVA’s strange love. That being said we shall see you at the grande departe Sunday. Best of luck yo you. DONATE to DPF cuz its why we are all on the TOS2021.

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Greetings and Welcome Welcome Welcome to Sufferlandria @JimAllison, you can never leave.

Any greeting is appropriate but the traditional Sufferlandrian greeting is to ask: “Have you suffered today?” and the only acceptable answer is “More than you”. You can read more about the greatest mythical nation in the whole wide world here Visit Sufferlandria® – The Sufferfest

My 2 cents on the option you’ve chosen (and yes, def do a Half Monty, to update your FTP and MAP as Coach Rupert noted) is that if you want to smash yourself in the name of fitness gains, I’d choose the Focused Option. You could always go Nuclear (i.e. 100% until you collapse into a pool of Sufferlandrian Holy Water, dry yourself off and go again, rinse and repeat) BUT, the coaches have designed the Focused Option as the best one to see you gaining fitness and not compromising future goals. The Get Me Through it option (in fact any way you choose to do it is fine), is perhaps the “easiest” way to get it done but might not be quite as challenging for you based on your description of your passion for destroying yourself.

One last thing. Have you suffered today?


Yes, I have suffered today! ToS Stage 1A complete!
I cannot begin to thank all of you who replied with your warm welcome to the mystical land of suffering and your amazing insight and advice.

The culture of pushing yourselves to the limit that you all have created here is amazingly inspiring and I hope to be riding the SUF for a long time to come.

Have you suffered today?


More than you.


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@JimAllison More than you! (the official reply to the official greeting).

You can never leave :slight_smile:

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