Advice on ramp test

Hi all im new to the froum but have been a sufferlandrian now for 1 yr ( i know thank you please stop clapping) last winter was the strongest season i had and i do put it down to Sfest
However due to personal problems i have been unable to get regular time on the bike since october and only managing 2-3 hrs max per week , but now im ready again
So what im looking for is some guidance on should i do a 4dp or should i do a half monty ?
Then should i go for a novice training plan (because of lack of fitness ) or a fitness booster ,any help or advice would be greatly appreciated as i would rather put the effort in and do it properly than just wing it

Many thanks in advance


You’ll always get more accurate results (albeit more painful as well) from FF. Look at it as your new “starting” point. I’m betting it won’t take you long to regain fitness. As for the best plan to start after that, I’d say whatever plan most closely aligns with whatever your goals are. Sorry if that’s not helpful.

The Tour starts in a few weeks and that is often a big fitness booster (unless you are smashing yourself into the ground repeatedly). So, you could do the FF prep week, then add the truncated ToS prep plan, then the ToS. Happy SUFversary. :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Thanks for taking the time to get back to me glen :+1:t2: i did consider the ff as i thought this woukd give me a better insight as to where i am and i know compared to the last one in jan 20 then there would be a big difference therefore giving me a better picture
Do you reckon i should do primers ?or just a leg loosener or just go in for the kill as looking to do a test in next day or so ?
Cheers jon

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If you’re in a rush to test, and you feel otherwise rested for the most part, I’d maybe do a 30 min easy spin today (or one of the recovery inspiration vids of about that length) Primers tomorrow then test the next day. Primers is brilliant for doing what the title says and also helps get your head in the game. Now CRUSH IT!!


Sounds like your situation is the perfect fit for the “Transistion” plan “Ramp Up” from the plans in the SUF app. This will make you start with a Half Monty building your fitness up and finish strong with a FF. If I was in your situation I’m pretty sure I’d go with that one.

One other point that can help is to do a practice run of the five minute interval a couple of days beforehand. That helps you to pace both the 5 and 20 during your FF test.

I would jump in and do half Monty to get a guide to your FTP and MAP and then do a FF prep plan. At least then you’ll have a pacing strategy for ff. Just a thought!

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Hi glen im not in a rush just want to get the best out of myself so if it means a weeks training then ill do it , i was just looking at my last fft and the increases i achieved after a 12 week plan

5 sec +161 (818)
1min +63 (385)
5 min + 27 (261)
20min + 11(211)

I do expect these to drop due to the amount of time spent on the saddle in the last several months so think this is the best route for me
Howver i am working nights this week so depends on how i feel sunday if not it will be Wednesday next week

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Good idea brian , i have done 3 ff now but has been 12 months since the last so may well help :+1:t2:

+1 :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

If you’re up for a week, then the TPs now have a Half Monty/Full Frontal prep plan. Doing the dual HM/FF plan has you doing the HM to dial in your pacing without smashing you in the face, then the week ends with FF. You can set the start date, or end date to whatever works for you and if next Wednesday is the day you expect to do it, then you can start the plan tomorrow. This really will give you the best foundation regardless of what you choose to do going forward. May GvA have mercy on your soul.

Well not long finished my 4dp :hot_face:and as expected my fitness is well down on the same time last year …however I did expect this due to the serious lack of bone work since September due to personal issues within the family …:

last January !


However it did throw up an issue with it :rage:I thought I got the same targets as I did last time (4th time I’ve done the 4dp so know what I’m up against ) on my 20min so don’t understand why ?
I do have a new DDrive turbo elite direto x which does make the power bounce all over the place
Any suggestions as to why this may be would be of great help

Have you seen this: Get a warning flag on your Full Frontal fitness test results? Here's why. on Vimeo

Thanks for the help and advice glen gratefully appreciated :+1:t2:
Well I thought I gave it all and paced it well :man_shrugging:
Looks like it’s back to the drawing board ? Or do I stick with my new parameters and get into a new training plan

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If it were me, I’d stick with the new parameters and start a plan since as you’ve said you know you’ve lost a lot of fitness. If you’re starting a new plan I’d use those numbers and see how it feels. I wouldn’t be in a hurry to do another FF :face_vomiting: There are recommendations for when to change the individual metrics and when to do another FF in this article here. When to do Full Frontal again or manually update your 4DP profile – The Sufferfest

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As for the power jumping around, there’s a setting in the SUF app to turn on power smoothing, that should help a bit, especially when you’re in ERG mode. In level mode it’s natural to see fluctuations even with power smoothing on. Actually, in reality there are going to be wide variations in your power output and that’s normal too, the power smoothing function just helps to mask it. I’m not sure about your DD trainer but there may be a setting in native app for power smoothing or power averaging too.

I’ll just go with what my results were and if need be perhaps look at another ff or hm at a later date
Thanks for all the help and advice Glen :pray:
Now just to work out my plan and what length to do :thinking::thinking::thinking: