After Ios update yesterday

After the Ios update yesterday the Wahoo systm app calender on my I phone is no longer populated with completed or upcoming sessions. Not even the one I did today. Siigghh!

Hi @ut-och-cykla im assuming you have already tried logging out and back in or uninstalling and reinstalling ?

No but I will. Reset phone twice. Thanks for suggestions. Sort of feel it shouldn’t be necessary but…

I know what you mean I just did a yoga workout first one since the update and like you said it didn’t up in SYSTM as being done even though it appeared on Strava and Training so logged out deleted the app, then downloaded the app and logged in and it’s now showing as being completed.

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Log out/in didn’t help (had to reset password :roll_eyes:) but dumping app and reinstating it fixed the problem. So happy bunny again :blush: