Wahoo Systm Calendar Issues

Anyone else having issues with the Wahoo Systm Calendar on the app on their phone? For me it doesn’t load when I first open it. Sometimes it takes clicking away, then back for it to populate. If I make a workout as complete it doesn’t clear it, and if I add something it doesn’t show. Not unless I close it and reopen it. Or sometimes if I later check on the computer based app or website. Not sure why this is only happening on the phone app but it’s frustrating when trying to add stuff, remove stuff or mark it as done.

I’ve tried deleting and reinstalling the app but that didn’t fix it.

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do you have any workouts scheduled for today? Mine was blank until I set up a ride and then it popped in. I did have workouts yesterday, but they weren’t originally scheduled.

I’ve a full plan in place. It’s fine on the app on my MacBook, or via the website, but when I go onto the app, it takes going in and out of the calendar a few times. If I move a workout to another day, it doesn’t show it moved unless I go out of the app and back in, or move to the website to check it.

@veloricky Two thoughts - 1. It may be that the cloud is just slow or 2. You may want to just delete and reinstall the app in case something was messed up.

Already tried the delete and reinstall. It could be the cloud but it was fine for a year, it’s only been in the last few months this has started happening. And only on the phone app.

@veloricky Definitely log with the Wahoo Report team. It may be something already on their radar.