AirPlay stopping mid video

I AirPlay yoga videos to my tv regularly. Over the passed week or two. AirPlay has stopped mid video. Each time, I have to pause the video, redo the AirPlay connections and hit play on the video. The video will then resume but at double speed so I will have to pause it and rewind(which is awkward on a phone) to roughly where I was. This has happened with 2 different yoga videos(I only ever really for 3/4) and all are saved to my phone.

Is this an issue with my phone and maybe the downloads are corrupted? Or is this a bug in systm?

Anyone else have this?

Adding my systm version is 7.71 and iOS is 17.2.1
And AirPlay on crashes like this with systm not with any other apps

The doublespeed is a known issue for several years!

Yoga video speed error! - Wahoo X Forum (

The only workaround is to end the video and start again from the beginning. Unfortunately pausing the video and or rewind/fast forward can also cause the doublespeed playing.

Is AirPlay stopping for no reason an Apple issue or a systm issue? If that didn’t happen I wouldn’t have to pause the workout!

@rbtcr My guess is that it is the SYSTM workout player which dates to the Sufferfest days. I expect that it will be updated pretty soon based on the interview with Chip.

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If this is happening regularly with your SYSTM vids, it might be worth deleting the SYSTM app and reinstalling. Things do sometimes get glitchy and a fresh install often helps. Worth a shot at least.