Sound/Video problems

I’ve had issues, about 75% of the time with the video that I’ve downloaded being choppy, or missing sound. Normally, it’s from the start, but sometimes I’ve had it in the middle.

Coach Sir Neal in the Velodrome - sound dropped out about 2-3 minutes in, stopped re-downloaded, and started again.

Today - GCN Escalator - Choppy from the start. Re-downloading now.

I’m running on a iPhone 7 Plus, though an apple TV onto my TV screen. iPhone is at the latest, OS, 15. Sensors are Garmin going through a NPE Cable.

I’m getting a bit frustrated with getting changed, getting on the bike, and then wondering if the video is going to work. Any ideas?

Hi @Dan_Watson is the SYSTM software 7.2.2 which is the latest update ?

Yes, 7.2.2.

I did re-sync/link my phone and the apple TV box yesterday, that did seem to help in the middle of Escalators. I don’t think I had update that to AirPlay2 until then. It seemed to help, but I’ll see today with Who Dares.

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Here are a few steps that should help. Close ALL other apps on your iOS device while you are using the SYSTM app. Downloading your workouts should help. Streaming is subject to WiFi fluctuations and if you’re also trying to project to Apple TV you could have even more fluctuations. You also want to minimize Bluetooth interference so make sure all your other Bluetooth peripherals - headphones, speakers, wireless keyboard/mouse etc are OFF. If you still need help please submit a ticket

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It could be the problem as has been said is projecting it to Apple TV via Airplay, It could be picking up interference from other sources causing it to slow down. Not sure how you might overcome this if that’s the problem, the minions would certainly be more expert in sorting it than me but that sounds like the problem unfortunately.

So, for what it’s worth, today, I put both my Apple TV and phone on the same router channel, and I turned “Automatically AirPlay to TVs” to Never. Worked flawlessly after I did that. Not sure if that’s the real reason I was having issues, but it worked today.

Oh, and I had always downloaded my videos to my phone before workouts, never took the chance with streaming.

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Sounds good, hope you don’t have anymore issues, can be a real pain halfway through a workout and the picture just stops working and your left with stopping the workout or carrying on with just the numbers showing.