All I want to do is SUF

On Location? No thanks
Pro ride? maybe … actually, no
Free Zwift? Ewww, no
No Vid? There are some great workouts in there, but no

If only there were 200 Sufferfest options to choose from.


I’m with you. 99.9%. I like the OL rides but they’re usually 1 and done. Same thing with the AWW series. Though I’ve done a few of the OL and AWW more than once I can come back to the SUF vids over and over and over. Even the ones I dread.

I’m not a fan of the Pro rides personally but I know there are quite a few who LOVE em.

More SUF please. :pray:

The Uncomfortable Have Nothing To Fear #twaaw Xoom Xoom! IWBMATTKYT


Same here. I even do what I can to avoid it.
As for those On-Location rides, I tend to do them for recovery, although there aren’t a whole lot of them which are really recovery kind of rides. Cirque de Gavarnie is probably the only one which I have done multiple times and I quite enjoy it.


I quite like the pro rides TBH, I find them very motivating and its nice for a change to do a workout that’s so erratic in the intensities like a real race would be. On location? I’ve got to quite like M Cotty so I do them now and again once I have forgotten what a particular ride was like. I don’t find the Inspiration rides inspiring at all, they bore me to tears and are not inspiring in my opinion. No vids, well… I usually do them whilst watching other stuff on Youtube to relieve the boredom and make the time go past quicker or more recently I have started to substitute them for an equivalent Zwift ride/workout which makes it far more interesting. SUF workouts are my favourite though and the reason I subscribed to Wahoo in the first place.


Just to add another perspective - I like everything. Give me variety as it keeps me from burning out on the same stuff. OL, ProRides (some more than others but I get that you can’t always be in the front of the race and it is good to have that perspective in a workout), Sufferfest
of course, NoVids - really like the progressions and the FTP progression in particular in the offseason, Inspiration (again - some more than others).

I also liked using RGT for both workouts and group rides. I just did my 1st Zwift workout - Brisk Burn in Innsbruck - and can see myself mixing in that stuff as well.

Hey I like all things suffering related - IWBMATTBYAT! More than you!


I only do SYSTM training plans, which once specified, lock you into the given workouts. This often leads to re-watching something I’m not really interested in watching again, especially Inspiration vids and to a lesser extent OL vids. Of course I can go through the effort of trying to identify and substituting a different appropriate workout, or turning off the vid, using the mini-player and cuing up a Youtube or something, but what would be much better and easier is if the plan offered alternative workouts to select. It could be something like the given workout is offered up, and you have the option of rejecting it at which point it offers up the most appropriate alternative (based on IF, TSS, etc.), which you could choose or reject and then get the subsequent most appropriate alternative.


+1 on that. It would save a lot of time scratching around to manually find an alternative


I do like the extra content. Makes the Sufferfest videos feel fresher when I do them. And I do enjoy the other content when I do them.

I would rank them this way:
3.On Location
4.Pro Ride

But yes, I do prefer the Sufferfest workouts over the rest for when I need to do quality training. And I would love to have more Sufferfest workouts as they are the highest quality and where I find the most enjoyment.

And I wouldn’t remove any of the other categories because I use them all and feel they have an important place and purpose and it’s better to have them and be able to use them when I want and need them.


If you enjoy No-Vids, you can enjoy any and all workouts as No-Vids by turning off the sound and video in the settings. The workout player still runs on the screen, there’s just no background vid or sound. You can then use the mini-player to overlay the workout over some some other video source of your choice. IMO, all workouts should have accompanying vids.

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Largely agree with original post. Really enjoy Sufferfest workouts.

Enjoy the Inspiration videos for easy Zone 2 days and have now done most of them.

Some of the A Week With have been quite good - particularly where they throw in some music.

Generally dislike On Location - they could be great if they followed the template of Suf sessions like Getting Away With It with some motivational tunes on the hard bits in particular.

Pro Rides - not sure yet; I see the appeal but need to be one a very good day to tackle these

Yoga and Strength; don’t enjoy these and use other services that do the sessions to music

I’ve been using FulGaz lately, instead of Wahoo. First, there is an Apple TV app, so I get a huge, lovely picture. Second, they have a very decent workout library now, where you can do structured intervals (like SFest) while “riding” in very nice locations (like On Location). Just throw on your own tunes, and off you go. As winter kicks in and I am riding more indoors, I will likely import workouts from one of their partnered training program sites. I’ve been doing SFest workouts since there was only a single video and you had to buy it, so it pains me to say this, but other platforms are just better these days.

Hmmmm. I disagree. There are no other platforms that have anything even remotely close to the SUF vids and, while they’re not my cup of pain shakes, the Pro Rides either. The yoga and mobility stuff is a nice bonus too.