Training Plans with only Sufferfest Workouts

First time poster, long time Sufferlandrian. I absolutely love the Sufferfest and the ProRide videos. I am really not a fan of the GCN, Wahoo or the movie videos. I am training for a 1/2 Ironman this spring, and would love to only train with Sufferfest and ProRide videos. Has anyone done this? If so, which Sufferfest/ProRide videos do you substitute for the movies? Will there be a filter in the future for you to specify the types (Sufferfest, ProRide, GCN, movie) of videos that you would like to include in your training plan.

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Most of the “movies”/inspiration rides are low intensity endurance or active recovery rides. Unfortunately, none of the pro-rides are in that category. In Sufferfest, only the Open rides are.

My suggestion is to pick an open ride of the right duration, adjust power to the right power if needed (they are designed for that purpose), and watch a tv show or movie of your choice—or just listen to music or a podcast.


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I am NOT a fan of the GCN vids either. I did like the A Week With Series (there were a couple of vids in there that I would def do again) and am looking forward to more of them. The Inspiration movie vids, as you may recall replaced the rides where SUF vids had their intensities adjusted. I did find it weird riding ISLAGIATT for example at an Endurance pace, lol!

If I were you, I would just apply the plan that looks like it meets your event goals the closest, then if any of the GCN vids pop up, just delete them and replace them with a ride of similar intensity. You can filter for length, which metric to focus on etc, and can then also sort by IF or TSS (if that’s your thing). It’s a bit of work but it’s all we got atm.

As for the Pro Rides, everything I’ve read to date from the Coaches and SUF Scientists is that for the Pro Rides you really ought to be fresh, so maybe at the end of a rest week or you could replace a NoVid of similar intensity if it’s popped up in the plan.

All that said, I LOVE the idea of excluding some content from the plan at the onset.

@LisaFrey Before the Inspiration videos came out about a year or so ago the recovery sessions were just the SUF videos dialed down. So for a 1 hour recovery ride you might ride Team Scream at 50% of FTP. You could definitely replicate this method - just find the right length video and then make the adjustments. However not everyone liked this method and so the Inspiration videos were introduced.

Alternatively try using the Inspiration videos but just turn off sound and video and then watch whatever you want to pass the time.

Finally there are Open videos in the Sufferfest category. They are in lengths of 15, 30, 40, 60 and 120 minutes. They have racing footage but no sound. They are all at 60% of FTP but you can change the % to whatever you need that day or just ride in level mode.

So there are lots of options.

I have actually completed all of the GCN videos in pursuit of badge collecting. I always thought of them as spin class videos but some have video of outside rides. They actually grew on me and there are some really good workouts among the videos - most of which were developed by Coach Neal Henderson. Again, you have the option to turn off video and sound and add your own music and video.

Hope that helps!