It is time for Wahoo to clean up their mess

While i am doing an erg ride on system x (on laptop) i go to turn on my headwind which i have to control from my wahoo app on my phone. As soon as i do so i lose erg control. There is no way to add the headwind to systm x devices ?

Please Wahoo spend some time and get everything on one app that is made for phones or pc’s apple devices etc. One program that has RGT, systm x; everything. I should be able to control my fan from the same app i am doing a workout on.


I don’t have one myself but pretty sure you should be able to pair it to, and control it from the SYSTM app in the Wahoo Devices section?

Also this article might explain the issues you’re having.

" The KICKR HEADWIND can be controlled directly from the Wahoo app, but this mode uses Bluetooth connections and may interfere with system’s ability to connect to and control your trainer and is not recommended."

retarded. It cannot be done unless you want to use heart rate to control it which i do not.

It does the same thing when i try to use my garmin to control a workout.

Using Trainer road is ok though.

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Do you see something like this if you pair it in the SYSTM app?

nope. I have the Systm app on a win10 laptop and i tried to “add device” and it did not see my headwind. Just my Kickr Bike and Enduro watch which it was connected to and my garmin rally pedals and garmin hrm which were not connected.

The screenshot you posted is what it looks like on the “Wahoo” app on my phone that I use to control the fan and make gearing adjustments and what not to my Kickr Bike. As soon as I open this to use the fan it screws up the erg control from Systm program on laptop.

Which brings me back to how Wahoo needs to make one app for everything. I have the: “Wahoo” app on my phone, the “RGT” app on my phone, the “RGT remote” app on my phone and now I am downloading Wahoo app #4 “Wahoo Systm” app on my phone to see what that can do for me.

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I just installed SYSTM on my android phone and it lets me pair everything wahooo and garmin but not the Headwind.

I understand the evolution of the wahoo environment and how it has gotten to where it is now with this absolute mess of an ecosystem but it should be a paramount priority for them to make a more cohesive experience.

Maybe try pairing it completely from your phone first, and close the Wahoo app

tried that, no luck. I could try uninstalling it from the wahoo app and see if it gives the option in the other apps to pair it. but am very skeptical of that .

Ok, worth a shot. If no luck, then a support ticket is probably the best option. I was planning on getting a headwind soon so can try and replicate your issue then and see if i can figure it out.

It is not an issue. It just does not work and they know it and alluded to it in the link you sent me. The only way for it to work is by not having the “Wahoo” app open at the same time as the Systm app. And the only way to do that is to control the fan by heart rate or speed.

maybe they can make another app just for the fan so i can have 5 apps from Wahoo on my phone instead of only 4.

I thoroughly regret spending 4K on the Kickr now.

I appreciate you trying @Owen the link you posted confirms the absurdity of the Wahoo software.

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Out it interest, is your KICKR also paired to your Wahoo phone app

Edit: Never mind, i see you mentioned before you use it to make gearing adjustments, so unpairing it from that is probably not an option.

i do not need to be constantly making gearing adjustments. I am gonna try to un pair it and see if it remembers the settings. I guess it would since everything works fine while riding it until i open the app. I would miss out on automatic firmware updates tho.

Going to try pair my headwind with “Cycling” and pair my Kickr with “Kickr” and see if that works. Doing a ride soon so can test.


pairing the headwind only to the default “Cycling” profile and leaving the Kickr paired to “Kickr” profile worked.

However, It would be nice if i could pair it to SystmX and control everything from there. Pretty lame i have to use my phone just to control the fan, but not the eow.
SystmX It will let me pair all kinds of my garmin devices but not the fan ? Maybe it conflicts with the KickrBike there too ? maybe they need to change the name or id or something ?

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I feel your pain! I requested headwind control in the Systm app awhile back because a) it sucks going between two apps and b) minimizing Systm to access the wahoo app oftens screws up Systm.

I discovered a workable solution that looks similar to what you discovered:

  1. Systm runs on iPad
  2. Wahoo app runs on Android phone. Wahoo app is set up only to see headwind. Don’t let it see kickr.

To this day if on my iPad I bring up the wahoo app during a Systm workout Systm doesn’t recover after fan adjustment on wahoo app. Wankiness, like what you see with laptop.

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I got a Vacmaster 54 cardio fan. Remote from handlebars (you can warm up before putting the fan on without getting off the bike or freezing from the off!) 3 speeds direct air flow and I have only as yet used the first speed as that is cold enough at the moment. Bonus = under half the price of the headwind and half the size…


if i could control the fan from one of the unused buttons on my Kickr, the price i paid for it (the fan) would be almost worth it.

Def not a solution for anyone with a KICKR fan, but I did something similar. I got 2 small fans and a set of outlets with a remote control. To control cooling, I can turn one, the other, or both fans on with the remote (and have a third remote outlet in waiting). All together, the two fans and remote with three controllable outlets were <$50.

Here’s the remote outlet set I used: