All workout very hard

Hi everobody,
Is it possible to have a mismatch configuration on app when it is use with bike computer (like Edge) ? All my tests are extremely hard. So, may I have been tired, or may be an interference with edge and app…
For Garmin Edge owner, could you tell me how to configure it (to retrieve kilometers) ?

When using SYSTM, you shouldn’t need a bike computer to record the ride. If you’re using a laptop, phone or tablet, you should be able to connect to them via bluetooth or ANT+ to complete the session. This then saves the session to SYSTM and you can choose what platforms the workout is then uploaded too (TrainingPeaks, Strava, Garmin, Today’sPlan etc). This will then also send the kilometre and workout time details to those platforms too

Yes, workout are send to Garmin. No problem. But Garmin detect is, as virtual cycling. So, Garmin don’t count it as cycling session and Edge advice and charge are not realist

Because it’s done as in indoor session most platforms will determine it as virtual cycling. As long as it tracks the hours you’re doing and the effort you out in, it will give an accurate representation of your training and training load. And as long as you’re getting the sessions done, you will be getting fitter and improving which is the main thing

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I agree with that.
I’m wait support response for configure Edge and Systm. My 2 tests sessions are extremely hard, I’ve give up twice :frowning: