Taking workouts outdoor with Garmin Edge

I love the idea of being able to take the workouts oudoors and I know we can now do this on ELEMNT computers but I have recently (about a year ago) invested a significant chunk in a Garmin Edge (I also use a Fenix watch and have for years).
Are there any plans to allow SYSTM members who have a long standing investment in Garmin to upload outdoor workouts to their Garmin devices or are we being compelled to buy Wahoo ELEMNT to get this facility.

Have you seen this thread:


Brilliant, thanks.
I saw that previously but also saw that the thread had been deleted.
Glad to see this was reconsidered.
I will take a look.
Thank you so much :grinning:

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I’d also add that it has been previously stated their intent is to be an open platform, but that doesn’t mean Garmin will work with them to have workouts directly pulled into Connect.


I believe the longer-term plan is to support pushing workouts to non-Wahoo devices. No idea of the timeline for this though. See this link for another similar comment.


Hi JohnK… Tried using but not sure how to… Is the Firefox extension for the phone? Went onto the Systm on phone but am not getting an extra button to save as a fit workout… Must be doing something wrong…can you help please regards tim

@Timothy1961 I don’t know if it works on the mobile version of Firefox. On the desktop version you just install the add-on and go to the web version of SYSTM: SYSTM Web

It adds a download button to the workouts…

Without Extension:

With Extension:

Hopefully that will work for you. If you’re still struggling it may be worth messaging @jessicat who kindly wrote the extension for the community.

Thanks JohnK, is the Systm Web the android app on my phone? or can I log in to Systm Web on the computer using Firefox (with new extensuion…) Sorry for being such a bother, but Nov 15th. is approaching and there are many draws on the wallet

Hi Timothy1961

This is the link I used and the download link was there in the specific workout when opened



Its a webpage… not the actual app

Thanks AstroBoy69… Much appreciated

Thanks Wayne… Great, hope you have a good week ahead, kindest regards Tim

Yes, you should be able to do this.

Thank you

There is currently no support for Firefox on Android, as I haven’t taken the time to test that it works, and it’s a restricted environment compared to desktop browsers. Also the UI may differ, which could affect the extension’s ability to function correctly.

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Thanks Jessica, i have workout now on Garmin 130 plus but gave not tested it yet due to poor weather…very kind of you to share