Alternative to the chores

I am starting the all purpose plan and I have the chores tomorrow, which o have completed quite a bit, would anyone recommend another session that I could do that is similar

You can filter by 4DP metrics to find something similar. The Cure at 30 mins is very much like The Chores, or maybe Mini Blender.

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I didn’t think it was possible to get bored of doing the chores :grinning:

My next go to would always be Butter.
Similar duration, IF and 4DP targets.

Then the Bat.


I am not really bored, just tooling form something else

I have to do The Chores regularly to remind my spouse that GvA says I don’t have to do the chores anymore. Apparently it only lasts for a month or so between efforts.

Wives. :roll_eyes:


After all that , I checked Strava and I :cold_sweat: quit the chores 20 minutes early the last time I did it. I have to get rid of that bad taste in my mouth and sort it right out.


Then I think Sir @Glen.Coutts has suggested the perfect alternative with the Cure.

Just like the Chores but around 20 minutes shorter :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I know you’re all dying in your boots to know what happened, so here it is. I did the chores cue, the celebrations and cheering and everything else. But with the capital B, I had to knock it down to 90% after the first bit and then for the last one I fired it back up to 95. So yeah, not too bad. Onwards and upwards.
Thanks for the suggestions for the other sessions?


Thanks for checking back in. I’ve got sooooo many vids where I’ve needed to dial it down, then up, then back down, then down further, then down again. The important thing is you got it done and now will NEVER have to do the chores again :wink:

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Butter would be a great alternative.


Well done @Padair ! Way to stick it out – even with a little bit of reduced intensity, you still get a huge benefit from the session, and the important thing is that you saw it all the way through. Nice job!

Give it 2 - 3 weeks and see if you can get revenge on the Chores at full strength.

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It’s a weird one, in November I finished at 12 week plan and then sinus infection cold and then Christmas happened so there wasn’t much training. So my 4dp numbers are fairly high after finishing 12 week plan and I’ve probably gone backwards so that’s why it’s hard for me. But we’ll get there. As my other half always says anything is always better than nothing

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100% :slight_smile:

Who Dares is also an option - perhaps more AC-focused, but still a solid effort at or around FTP with some fatigue in your legs.

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