Now, there’s a solid well balanced ride!

It’d been a while since I rode Butter and I’m sure glad I gave it another run. As I recall, Butter entered Sufferlandria at about the same time as The Chores (an equally fine workout) when I believe Grunter and his helpers started paying more attention to the science behind the workouts.

I find the intervals in this workout take me just to the edge, where (almost) all confidence is lost, then gives me a slight reprieve to the point where I (almost) think I can do it all over again. The sign of a good workout in my mind.

I’m also at a point where I have just upgraded to a smart trainer (Kickr Core) and am still in the tail end of recovery from a major surgery, so that could play a role here as well.

Again, a great workout, and a great test. After a few easier rides I’ll need to give The Chores another try.

Thanks for listening to my diatribe as I try to catch my breath…:blush:

Old Cat.


I churned Butter for the first time last night.
Good workout - found it fairly comfortable at the time, but legs are not quite so comfortable the day after :upside_down_face:

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Def doesn’t clog the arteries.

You would be correct, @Oldcatnewtricks. Both debuted in December 2017 (along w The Trick and Standing Starts).


An Old Cat after my own heart. Butter was first on my list of Desert Island workouts - closely followed by The Chores.

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Fan of Butter here too. Doesn’t seem to appear on many training plans now (or at least not the ones I’m doing) which is a shame. Wonder why that is? May be doesn’t hit MAP or FTP as well as other workouts?

The Chores is also a favourite.