Amazing music

Hi all,

first post here, just had to share a full circle experience I had today. I have been using the Sufferfest since the UCI frowned upon original bootlegs :-). I wore out The Hunted ever since it first came out. I did that video an untold number of times during the old, video download days. It is such a difficult one as you all well know, that when that “Happy Birthday (Remix)” song by Craymo starts up, it is sweet relief. I had heard that song so many times at the end of a brutal effort that I guess a bit of a Pavlovian response developed in me around that song.

Fast forward to today. I’ll save you the details, but over the past two days I have become very emotionally exhausted and mentally beat down by my narcisstic and manipulative parents. Today is my birthday actually. This morning, I’m driving to work, listening to some tunes on my iPhone. Happy Birthday by Craymo comes up! Pavlov kicked in and joy just flooded me. It is such a happy, whimsical, jangly, fun song that I needed right then, that tears actually came to my eyes. So, @David.McQuillen.KoS, thank you. That silly little uplifting song saved my day.


A true Sufferlandrian, Happy Birthday!
Now which workout are you going to suffer through to celebrate? :wink: