Using Sufferfest as before

I assume the Sufferfest I’ve been using for years now will still work, with the workouts I have downloaded? It runs on my Windows laptop.

Great question! I will find out and report back as soon as I find out the answer.

Relevant question for me as well, have an old iPad not able to run SYSTM and would appreciate if the old app is not put down but could continue to run unsupported.
As a bonus, it would then be possible to do workouts like 9H, AVDP etc. in the old untampered versions if one is in the mood for some extra suffering :grin:

From our Support Team,

“If you’re on a device that can’t upgrade to these services, you can continue running the old app for a few weeks, but we will no longer support it and eventually will turn off the app entirely on November 15, 2021.”

The old app must come back to all platforms, I find imposible to connect my trainer to the new app and no help from the minions and for me the app is useless now, and paying for something useless hurts. The old app must come back until issues are ironed or I will need to find a new app ASAP.

The old app does still work currently, though.

It’s unfortunate your trainer isn’t currently connecting, but please do keep on to the minions and try to have some patience.
I am not affiliated with Wahoo or Sufferfest, but I worked in the computer games industry for a lot of years and I know how difficult software launches are, even with plenty of testing and planning in advance.
The minions are probably quite over-loaded currently and we all know they have historically been brilliant with their support.
Hopefully they can help you with your trainer connection well in advance of the disappearance of the old app.

So we may be able to help here, what trainer do you use and how do you normally connect (ANT/BT)?


Without trying to find this somewhere on a “ supported versions “ list, I assume the new app ( a term I loath ) will run on my Windows laptop running Windows 7?

The supported OSs have been published a number of times.
The basic answer is “All current OSs”.

The answer, for you, is “it might”. It will probably work, but it may not and if there are problems then it won’t be supported.
Windows 7 has been “end of life” for nearly two years now and, honestly (as a career IT professional) you really ought to be careful having a Windows 7 machine that is connected to the internet anyway.

Install the app and see, it might well work, but I would highly suggest you upgrade OS to something with current security vulnerability support.

On IOS devices the SYSTM app came has a new version of Sufferfest app, so there is no more Sufferfest app in IOS devices. So I was left in the cold with this.